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Hermes Magazine, Sølve Sundsbø Photo – 2014

Photo: © Sølve Sundsbø

Le Monde D’Hermes Automne-Hiver 2014, a collector’s item magazine from Hermes, arrived this week. The breathtaking photo on the cover by the always stunning Sølve Sundsbø blew my mind, so I thought you’d like to have yours blown too.

Brides de gala head jewel is in rose gold, diamonds, midnight blue suede and purple sapphires. Brides de gala sautoir is in rose gold, diamonds, midnight blue suede and orange, blue and yellow sapphires. According to Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director for Hermes: “Both dawn and dusk are stimulating for creativity, times when the waxing or waning light sets in motion myriad fleeting shades that the eye must strain to capture.” There is an app available in the Apple Store and Google Play and more on

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