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Isabella Blow and Eccentric Hats – 2000s

Photo Credits at the end of blog

Isabella Blow and her eccentric hats. By Philip Treacy.  Isabella “Issie” Blow was the Lady Gaga of her day. She was the muse of Fashion Designer Icon Alexander McQueen. And of the Hat Designer Icon Phillip Treacy, whose mind-blowing amazing hats she wears here. She was Style Editor for Vogue, The London Sunday Times, Fashion Director of Tatler and was no beauty, but she was totally divine. A suicide in 2008, she will come alive again in a movie about her and McQueen, now being developed by Maven Pictures, according to Variety.  See  Isabella Blow with Alexander McQueen blog below.
Photo: Credits: Top Right to Left: The Independent … Blow with Treacy for Vanity Fair, 2003 … … for the cover of her book “A Life in Fashion” …
Center Right to Left : Fashion Spot … Daily Mail … Daily Mail 2002 …
Bottom Row: New York Magazine … Red List/Phil Poynter … Neil Moodie … National Post

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