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Mermaid Hair in Vogue Portugal – 2023

Photos: Kourosh Sotoodeh

Jerome Cultrera’s wigs and headpieces for Vogue Portugal were inspired by his favorite myth, Mermaids. Each took him about 4 weeks to realize.   For the large photo of the blue wig, he customized by adding hair for more density then, layer by layer, he sculpted each section with Epoxy (a hard resin) having to wait for each layer to dry before moving to another layer, hair ending up pretty heavy and rock hard with a shiny wet look. There was also a purple similar purple wig, not shown here.

For the helmet like hats as on the left of this collage and made in more colors than shown,  he also used Epoxy.  He started by covering a Styrofoam head, with plastic sheets shaped the way he wanted, then poured some Epoxy and, before it dried, he sprinkled some hair here and there to create a kind of web, later another layer of Epoxy was added to solidify the whole thing. (With thanks to Fred J. DeVito for the inspo)

Wigs & Headpieces: Jerome Cultrera, L’Atelier NYC/Callister Agency, Paris … Makeup: Charlotte Willer using : Tarte Cosmetics, Ben Nye Makeup for Stage, SFX Beauty since 1967, Leobro Fine Glitter, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment Lip Balm …  Models: Olivia Tomasino & Erin Crownwell
Photos: Kourosh Sotoodeh


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