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Joan Rivers RIP - 1933-2014

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

So sad to hear Comedienne Joan Rivers passed away today.  As a long-time fan, I find myself in tears.  My heart goes out to Melissa, her daughter, who had to make the decision and I am sure it was the right decision.  But I have to wonder – did she stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest because of a botched endoscopy procedure, a minor procedure, or would what happened have happened anyway? She did a stand-up comedy routine the night before and had another scheduled in New Jersey for the very next night.  She seemed in fine form.

“In her final days, Rivers was upgraded to a larger hospital suite “decorated by celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey with flowers, bows, plants,” according to longtime close pal Cindy Adams in The New York Daily News who went on to say: “Rivers was covered by a white faux mink blanket, while a CD of the Broadway hit “Oklahoma!” played in her room.”   What a loss. I am going to miss her. RIP Joan Rivers.  1933-2014.

This photo of Joan in action was taken at NY Fashion Week backstage before the 2012 Badgley Mischka show.


  1. Sep 12, 2014

    You were there at that show, Sherri. Her hair never looked better than in this photo. Yes, she was something else. I will miss her. And am still upset a week later. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sep 12, 2014

    This is exactly how I remember Joan Rivers! How exciting to see her in person. She was perfect from head to toe. Look at her hair…her nails! Her incredible talent and wit will be greatly missed.

  3. Sep 5, 2014

    Yes, thanks, M, for posting. I’m having problems coming to terms with her gone, so fast. Love the photo too. So Joan. And her hair never looked better!

  4. Sep 5, 2014

    Helen – Your comments brought a tear to my eye. I’m one of the many who will miss Joan Rivers – her talent and her free speaking. You are not alone in the questions that you raised, but if we ever find the answers it will not bring her back – more the pity for all of us. The photo that you posted perfectly captures her being HER – doing what she did the best – speaking her mind and making her point, and looking fabulous while she did it.

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