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John Sahag As Never Seen Before – 1985

Photo: John Kisch

A treat for John Sahag fans.  I came across this rare photo of John Sahag looking as I never saw him before – hair slicked back, white shirt, tie, very formal.  According to John Kisch, Photographer, Author, Archivist, who took this great photo of the legendary John Sahag, it was needed for a license to open his first salon in NYC.  I did the PR for that first salon in 1985, worked for him 3 years later, 1994-1997 and I never saw him with his hair like this, or in a white shirt and tie.   To see a carousel of  photos Kisch has posted of Sahag on his Instagram page, CLICK HERE then click the arrows,  and to see more of Sahag The Man archived on my website, CLICK HERE

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