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John Sahag Style, Sexy Redhead - 1985

Photo: © Bruno Juminer

Sexy, elegant, carefree, natural looking hair, John Sahag Style, circa 1985.  From  his first collection for his first Workshop launch, this famous photo featured the sideburn effect, hair step-cut at the sides into very definite and different lengths. Red color effects were “avant-garde, classy, not cheap, banal or punk,” said Sahag, who worked with sideburns for every style in this iconic collection.

For much more with how-to’s, see and read under this and the photos before it, click:

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1985 … Makeup: Rex … Fashion Stylist: Christine de Lassus … Ring: Marla Buck … Model: Sandra Zatezalo, Elite … Photo: Bruno Juminer

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