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Joy Reid of MSNBC & Her Own Hair- 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim, with thanks to MSNBC

Joy Reid the beloved MSNBC host and national correspondent like no other has finally settled on her own hair, and for more than one night. So far!  Having entertained most and annoyed many with her provocative nightly hair changes, as in this collage, she must have decided it is time make her own hair healthy, which must have suffered with all those extensions and under all those wigs.   Let’s hope she is on her way to a healthier head of hair.  But, dear Joy, please consider changing the color.  It has too much orange in it and could look so much better as your healthier hair grows in.

Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator graduated from Harvard University, is a two-time author and hosts “Reid Out” on MSNBC 7 pm nightly.
( Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid … @joyannreid … )


  1. Feb 16, 2024

    I love Joy. She’s brilliant and beautiful. If she’s gonna wear different wigs every night she should wear statement wings. Sculptural works of art with lots of braids and stuff. Go JOY!

    • Feb 18, 2024

      I agree Go Joy. I love Joy too. But do wish she’d get her hair act together more. A blonde hairpiece stuck on top of her head the other night was really offputting. With the overlong false lashes, she is going over the top!!

      • Feb 18, 2024

        My thoughts exactly. She can afford a realistic looking wig and holy hell I could dust furniture with the ridiculous lashes. I adore her but omg just those two items are very distracting from her reporting.

        • Feb 19, 2024

          I have to agree. Ruthie. Bur she is who she is and will probably always be.

  2. Sep 21, 2023

    I understand about Joy needing/wanting to wear wigs, but that yellow thing looks like a bad toupee.

    • Sep 22, 2023

      I have to agree, tiacully

    • Sep 26, 2023

      I totally agree. And then you can see the dark hair underneath. She is a pretty woman and her hair drama is ridiculous. When she used to wear a short brown wig, that was nice. All those braided things were pretty awful and most likely damaging to her natural hair. I wish she would make up her mind and stick to it. Rachel’s hair has never varied and she always looks great.

      • Sep 27, 2023

        Sandra. Joy’s hair has now gone from bad to worse. Sadly, she is beginning to look like a comic book
        character. Which she is not. Far from it.

      • Jan 23, 2024

        Joy is wearing this blonde hairdo for a starring movie that she is in…Vikings

        • Jan 24, 2024

          Good to know Joy is starring in a movie. She does like being a blonde though … !

    • Nov 9, 2023

      Totally agree! Nothing looks worse than a blonde wig on a person of color.

  3. Sep 13, 2023

    Joy Reid should hire a professional hairstylist

    • Sep 15, 2023

      Joy Reid probably uses the studio hairdresser, Marion, who may or may not be the same one every program.
      She may or may not have her own hairstylist but from the results on tv, I doubt it. Or if she
      does, she should seriously consider changing her or him. However, in the long run, she doesn’t
      really seem to know what she should know. That is, she could look a whole lot better than she does.

  4. Jul 31, 2023

    I LOVE Joy Reid’s blonde pixie and her fashion style! Who cares what color it is if it looks good on her, and it does! Her hair and clothing choices accentuate her gorgeous skin tone and she always looks bright as a daisy.

    • Aug 2, 2023

      Joy is special but, really, her hair is not. It is now too yellow! She is as bright as a daisy but ….

    • Aug 30, 2023

      Considering my own issues w/hair (or lack thereof) I probably shouldn’t be commenting on a woman’s hair but…. I think that her real hair is ictually similar to Symone Sanders-Townsend’s hair and what she is still wearing a wig. You can see her hairline in the front and above her ears. I really don’t understand how she would keep it on her head though although I’m sure that she has a stylist @ MSNBC so maybe it’s glue?? Velcro?? I don’t know… I still like her though!

      • Sep 1, 2023

        Whatever she has going on there on top of her head is not what should be gong on there!
        I still like her too, Bob, but she has to be careful not go venture too far into comic book
        territory with the hair, and the makeup.

    • Nov 13, 2023

      She looks stupid. Platinum blond hair/wig. And those ridiculous eyelashes! Joy obviously has a self-esterm problem.

      • Nov 16, 2023

        I have to agree. The yellow hair, the way it is styled, those eyelashes. Sigh.
        Sadly Joy is looking like a cartoon character too often these days.

      • Jan 19, 2024

        Not to mention she’s a racist who does’nt embrace the natural styles of African women. Such hypocrisy especially when she is white shaming America.

  5. Jul 5, 2023

    If a Black Woman changing their hair distracts you from taking in the information she is saying…then you might either be a dumbass or have an attention deficit problem.

    Also, its so funny how nameless extras on a random blog are talking about how Joy Reid is unprofessional…Joy Reid? You all mean the published author, Harvard graduate, and MSNBC national correspondent with a daily timeslot LOL?
    the stylist in this thread mentioned they would style her for free. Joy Reid would not even spit on you for free lol

    • Jul 6, 2023

      Thank You No. I admire Joy Reid, and I know most do who have responded to my blog. It seems to me that most who Comment are fans of Joy Reid. It is interesting how many have responded to my various blogs. Her changes of hair have encouraged comments about it. I can also see how the hair can be distracting even to intelligent people.

      I edited out your last para!

  6. Jan 4, 2023

    I love the frontal look on Joy the monday after New Year but the style looks different in the back and need to be rounded out
    . She is brilliant young lady and needs to be commended

    • Jan 5, 2023

      Yes, last night I noticed the front was improved, but the side and 3/4 back views were what can only be described as terrible, and cartoonish.

      • Jun 20, 2023

        Joy looked as if she is I’ll when I saw her on Lawrence ODonnell tonight. She always looked so wonderfully adorned in the past.
        Beautiful hair and makeup. The transformation is alarming!
        I never watch her so I haven’t seen her for ages. What a shock!

        • Jun 21, 2023

          I saw her tonight. She did not look good. The hair color and the eyelashes were just not flattering at all.

    • Jan 12, 2023

      “Beloved”? “Brilliant”? really? she is card-carrying DNC spokesperson and complete moron.

    • Jan 24, 2023

      What a racist. Joy dyes her hair blonde to appear as a white woman

      • Jan 25, 2023

        I don’t think Joy Reid is a racist. And I suspect she dyes her hair blonde because she is going gray, or is gray, and it shows less quickly as it grows out as a blonde. This is why most women of a certain age dye their hair blonde!

  7. Nov 25, 2022

    Joy, why don’t take that blond hair pieces out of your hair the look is terrible and buy some conservative clothes like Alex Wagner

    • Dec 5, 2022

      Mildred. Joy is Joy. She is who she is. Alex Wagner is very chic and good but she is who she is. Having said that, I do agree the blonde hair is not flattering or even cool. It’s not even an interesting good blonde, not well done, like the hairstyle leaves much to be desired. I have been saying for a long time, Joy should change whoever does her hair. Whoever it is she or he is not good. But having said that, in the end, it is up to Joy. She accepts what she has on top of her head.

  8. Nov 8, 2022

    Joy,shave it off! To damaged to do anything. Cannot be saved. The vet at decent hairdresser and LISTEN to them. I hair business for 20 years. Shaved so much better and fashion edgy. Good luck!

    • Nov 11, 2022

      Don’t think that will work for Joy, Christie. She is not 20 anymore and close ups on TV are not always flattering. She will get it better. She has to!

  9. Nov 7, 2022

    I thought I might be the only person who found Joy Reid’s hair so distracting. I can’t watch her some days because it’s all I see. She is enough without the crazy hair colors and styles. Today it back to two tone. I’m surprised she has any hair left.

    • Nov 8, 2022

      Oh, no you aren’t the only one, Sunnygel, this is only one post on my Blog I have done on Joy’s hair and they all get a lot of responses. Her hair has suffered which is why she is not wearing wigs and extensions and it is so short. But I see it is growing so we can expect more styles! And I noted two tones but that maybe she needs a color touch up. We will see.

  10. Nov 2, 2022

    Joy , you look gorgeous tonight! Have fun! Wear your hair and your clothes! You are brilliant. Your commentary keeps me going and hopeful!! Love you lady!

    • Nov 3, 2022

      Joy’s hair is getting a little better. But there are ups and downs. And, yes, she is brilliant.

  11. Oct 25, 2022

    When I watch a legitimate news program, I don’t want to be distracted by clothing or wacky hairstyles. I want the professional delivery of accurate news and commentary.

    • Oct 26, 2022

      I agree. But it is very competitive out there and Joy has made a name for herself not just for her expertise and intelligence but for being someone different, a personality, if you will. Sadly, something has gone wrong with her hair and fashion choices.

    • Nov 13, 2023


  12. Oct 5, 2022

    Nothing can make this woman attractive, least of all her hair.

    • Oct 7, 2022

      I have seen her look attractive. Sometimes. Certainly not now. She has never, in my opinion, looked less attractive and, as I have said many times, she needs to change her hairdressers. She is beloved. By many. Racist?

    • Oct 26, 2022

      Here’s the thing, Hank, she is a journalist not a beauty pageant contestant. I think Joy just likes playing with her hair, but many of us don’t like it lately.

      • Oct 27, 2022

        Yes, Jane, Joy has liked playing with her hair and her own hair has suffered because of it. What we are seeing now is the result. Hope it can improve.

    • Aug 24, 2023

      Hank, it’s not important that you think she’s attractive.

      • Aug 24, 2023

        Anabel. You are right!

  13. Oct 4, 2022

    Since when is she “beloved”?

    • Oct 18, 2022

      I think Joy is beloved by many Neil

  14. Oct 4, 2022

    I think it’s beautiful ?? love the style joy??

  15. Sep 26, 2022

    As an Image consultant and personal stylist, it pains me to watch Joy every evening. Between the constant hair changes and the wrong colors and crazy prints to just unprofessional career apparel. I would literally go out there and style her for free! My idea of an anchor woman is more like Norah O’Donnell or Margarat Brennen
    or the fabulous Alex Wagner!
    Let’s find a wig that is professional looking as well as apparel that shows a consistent level of style and professionalism. I don’t know who her stylist or makeup artist happen to be, but they ARE NOT serving her well at all.
    Can ANYONE please tell me how to reach out to her?

    • Sep 30, 2022

      I agree. As far as her hair is concerned, I suspect she doesn’t want to be bald for her husband and herself, so she is trying not to use wigs and extensions but the color of her hair is not helping. She must be gray but many people are gray and don’t take the easy way out and be a blonde. She’d be better off being her probably once natural dark color. Both for the health of her hair and her appearance. And and and it is cut and styled so badly, so unflattering. She really needs to change her hair person or people. As far as her apparel is concerned, it has been better. I think we have to face it, Joy is wonderful at her job but doesn’t care enough about her appearance. And is hiring the wrong people. I am not sure how to make contact with her, Claudia. You could try the following: Write to her c/o of MSNBC. Maybe make it Private and Confidential? You could send her a direct message via her Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. Yes, Alex Wagner always looked very good in every way.

      • Oct 5, 2022

        Racist Joy Reid has more wigs than that man you call Michelle Obama.

        • Oct 14, 2022

          Why, why,, why, do you have to be so cruel? Totally unnecessary.

        • Oct 18, 2022

          Joy is not a racist in any way. She is not wearing any wigs or extensions now.

        • Nov 1, 2022

          You sound just like your mentor. He doesn’t have a brain either.

    • Oct 13, 2022

      Yes! She wears friggin’ logo t-shirts! Given the amount she is overpaid (based on her not at all being the sharpest knife in the drawer) she really should be able to dress better. As I’ve recently learned go with a natural color for you – I am no longer blonde, my natural color is now salt and pepper so I chose a natural color I used to be. Do THAT Joy!

      • Oct 18, 2022

        Not everyone can wear their hair the color it becomes. For some it can be attractive but not for others. Some are lucky, maybe you are Ellen, but not everyone is; in fact, very few are.

    • Mar 30, 2023

      I agree with everything you said, I will help her pick a wardrobe that will complement her skin color. She needs to get the book – Color me Beautiful. With her skin color she need to be wearing pastel colors. I will work with her for FREE. I feel she is stubborn and has the personality of a child. LET ME HELP U JOY! Please ??

      • Mar 31, 2023

        Are you a fashion stylist Sherry? I am not sure Joy is stubborn or has the personality of a child but I do think she doesn’t care enough about her looks and has the wrong people advising her – and doing her hair!!!

        • Apr 13, 2023

          Yes!!! And I have 2-degrees, one in fashion and a Master’s in Education.

      • Apr 4, 2023

        No need to be cruel, maybe she’s sick and tired of people “advising” her on her hair and everything else and ultimately after lots of bad advice has decided to just do what she wants. I can’t watch because I’m too distracted by so many different styles. I don’t care what she decides on I just wish she would decide. But that’s not her fault that I am distracted.

    • Jul 5, 2023

      I don’t know who her stylists are, I do agree she needs help. I really like and admire Joy, but please, somebody help her with her hair and wardrobe!

      • Nov 16, 2023

        Joy does need help but it seems to me that she does what she wants, accepts what a stylist does, however unsuitable, and she doesn’t seem to care. Nor do her producers. Who should. I guess Joy’s ratings are good, whatever!

    • Nov 13, 2023

      I’ve seen Alex Wagner wear extremely low-cut inaporopriate tops.

  16. Sep 20, 2022

    What a lot of people and Joy are missing is that bleaching has to take place first to lift the original dark hair in order to lighten the original color, to be able to turn blond. Bleaching her already damaged hair, is only going to cause more damage. Why ???

    • Sep 20, 2022

      Jon. Chances are, that at Joy’s age, her hair may well be gray. But having said that I feel that whoever is in charge of her hair color and her hair cut is not serving her well.

      • Oct 5, 2022

        Joy Reid is the BIGGEST POS Racist I have ever encountered in my 78 Years of living THROUGH IT ALL……She sucks.

        • Oct 18, 2022

          Why do you say that? I have never seen anything to say that is so/

        • Oct 20, 2022

          Apparently so are you!

        • Oct 26, 2022

          It’s a good thing your opinion on Joy means absolutely nothing. You’ve put nothing in her life and you damn sure can’t take anything out. If it makes you feel good to rant on her have at. Obviously, living for 78 years has taught you nothing.

        • Dec 8, 2022

          Your correct! Blond hair on a black women is not natural!

  17. Sep 13, 2022

    Your hairstyle on MSNBC today:UGH!!!!

    • Sep 14, 2022

      I have to agree with you, Douglas. It was the worst. What is Joy thinking to go on air looking like that. Sigh

  18. Sep 8, 2022

    Her hair is beautiful I was hoping they would give the formula to copy it. Keep up the new do. Anything is better then the wigs!!!

    • Sep 14, 2022

      I have to disagree, Michelle. There is nothing beautiful about Joy’s hair now. Nothing. She needs a new hairstyle. She needs a new hairstylist!

  19. Aug 9, 2022

    As a grown 66 white woman, I have always loved the natural hair of the black woman and man for that matter. The Afro, whether close to the head or a few inches long, I believe it is so flattering. For Joy Reid, yes, change is good sometimes when you’re in the public eye as often as she is. But if it’s doing damage to her hair, kudos for going back to what God gave her. But, sadly, the color of her hair is not flattering at all for her. I enjoy Joy, I actually enjoyed some of her styles, but for me, this sad old white woman with very thinning hair, lol, go natural Joy! God gave you a beautiful face with beautiful hair, let it shine! Let it show! Let it be YOU!!! that we see on the screen. XOXO No offense was intended with this message, I hope none was taken.

    • Aug 9, 2022

      I agree with everything you say, Susan. Joy would look so much better
      with darker hair, not that unflattering and not very good or well-executed blonde color.
      She may be grey, so I do understand if she wants to color her hair, but
      what was her natural color would be so much better.

    • Nov 1, 2022

      Hi Susan
      As a black woman you got it right. I feel the same way
      I don’t like this style or color. She needs a style with bangs to take away the big forehead. I don’t like it. Your message was not offensive in the least. Sometimes the truth hurts. But when all is said and done, lessons are learned. Thank you!

      • Nov 3, 2022

        Yes, Joy has a high forehead and I think a receding hairline, probably from all the hair extensions, so she does need a style with some kind of bangs. I think this may being addressed the last few days. Maybe they are adding extra hair or maybe her own hair is growing. Let’s hope.

  20. Jul 22, 2022

    Joy, please just go natural – no straightening chemicals, no dye – just what God gave you and you’ll be more beautiful than ever, inside and out. From Mama Sister.

    • Jul 22, 2022

      I agree. Better if Joy had her own natural color and no chemicals.
      Her Hair would get healthier faster too.

    • Sep 20, 2022

      Natural, no straightening? Oh Lord! Black women are so lost on what they need to do to have attractive hair. Wow! It was never like this until they started wearing braids and weaves. Then they complained and out relaxers and hot combs. It wasn’t a problem for most black women, for decades. The problem seems to be that black women and even some so-called stylists do know how to do black hair!

      • Sep 20, 2022

        There is a definite problem that is not being addressed by too many black women and their stylists.

  21. Jul 21, 2022

    Love your new short hair. You’re smart and beautiful! Show off you’re beautiful natural self!

    • Jul 22, 2022

      It is good Joy has her own hair now because what she had was not healthy for her own hair.

  22. Jul 13, 2022

    I love it!,,

  23. Jun 28, 2022

    Her hair styles have been hideous lately…brassy yellow, ugh. Wish she would just go back to a conservative, short straight hairstyle in glossy black that enhances her beautiful complexion and pretty smile!

    • Jun 29, 2022

      I do agree this is not the most flattering the color is way off, but I think Joy is making an effort to get her own hair healthy which means no extensions and less wigs.

  24. Jun 27, 2022

    Hair color is a personal choice. I like the blonde color on her skin tone and as a matter of fact of all the colors exhibited throughout her trail, this is my favorite cut, style and color. She wears it well. Thank you Joy for being you and not adjusting to what others think you should be. Accolades also for your make-up artist, job well done.

    • Jun 29, 2022

      I have to disagree. The color is not well done. The style/finish does not flatter Joy. But it is all, as you say, a personal choice. And Joy is Joy.

      • Jul 14, 2022

        I would recommend that she take VIVISCAL, a supplement that helps prevent hair breakage and allows the hair to grow. I started using it about 10 years, and my hair has grown and is now healthy. As for the hair color, in my humble opinion, it is very unflattering.

        • Jul 14, 2022

          Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe Joy will see this! I think all those extensions and then the wigs have damaged her hair and hopefully she is or will take something to prevent more damage and help it get back to being healthy again,.

          I do agree the hair color is not flattering. And she might be better off not coloring it at all. But maybe she needs to!

          I did note this evening, July 14, 2022, that it is less orange, blonder with perhaps some lowlights, or needed dimension.

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