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Joy Reid of MSNBCAnd Her Hair – 2020

Photos Helen Oppenheim/MSNBC

You have to give it to Joy Reid of MSNBC, she is into hair. And changes her styles almost every TV appearance. She went from many different short haircuts and wigs to longer hair, mostly braided now and many different designs. They don’t all work and sometimes I want her to bonk her hairdresser, but she is a joy to behold and gets an A for effort. Here she is over the last few months, mostly with braids, but once during the height of the lockdown, she showed her own natural hair, quickly changed. Go for it, Joy. Go for it … You are not only a great journalist but must also be an Inspiration to many.
Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator. Hosts the weekly MSNBC morning show AM Joy on weekends, often does Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC shows, graduated from Harvard University, two-time author, former controversial blogger and popular Twitterer, also on Instagram   ( @JoyAnnReid )    


  1. Feb 8, 2022

    Love your hair right now Joy, and love you and your insights. Would just please ask you to slow down, sometimes I miss what you are saying and I want to hear every word!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Feb 10, 2022

      Yes, Joy’s hair is so much better now. Yes, she is very good.

  2. Sep 2, 2021

    Right now, September 2, 2021, I couldn’t even pay attention to what she was saying because I couldn’t believe how ugly her hair is. What is that helmut she is wearing. Must her hair over shadow the her commentary. I want to hear the news not sit here with my mouth open because I can’t believe the “do” today. I loved the curly wigs she finally got to look good after weeks of wearing it, then she went to braids. Ugh, they’re awful. Braids were something I went through in my 20s.
    Joy, get a grip with the hair and be listened to in the end. This was written by a black woman.

    • Sep 3, 2021

      What Joy really needs is, sad to say, another hairdresser. Because her current one(s) are too hit and miss. Often only the latter. Those shorter wigs were seldom looking as good as they should and could look.

      This from a hair guru, hair historian, with a lot of experience in the hair world. See my About on this website.

      However, Joy does have a say and should not accept hairstyles which are unflattering, wigs or braids or whatever. Some are, but I must admit I like some of the braids. Not all. I also like the fact she is so young at heart. There must be many who love the fun of it all. The news is often so hard to take and Joy can make it easier.

      I did do a later blog with better braids –

    • Sep 5, 2021

      I agree 100%. In addition to the distraction of the daily changing balled up fake hair styles, it makes her look as if she is bald and has no hair of her own. That’s so sad!

    • Sep 8, 2021

      I am a proud Black woman at 84 years of age. I love and appreciate Joy, she is smart and beautiful. But some of those latest braids are for young children and not attractive for Joy. I know Joy can do better I am very frustrated with how she changes everyday? Presently, there are stylist who can do wonders with little or no hair. I find it difficult to watch and listen when she changes to those unsightly hairstyles on a daily basis. Please consider a new stylist who has your best interest, beauty and intellect at heart. Much lover Joy.

      • Sep 10, 2021

        Joy has improved the styles, somewhat, since I posted this collage. See the link below to a later collage.
        But while I also think she could have a better stylist, I have to think she accepts what is done to her hair every day. And obviously many must enjoy the fun or surely the producers would insist on a change.

        Later blog posted

      • Dec 8, 2021

        Dear Estelle…you wrote what I have been thinking. Joy’s work is too important to be distracted by her hair shenanigans. It doesn’t make sense.

        • Dec 8, 2021

          Since this post and since all my posts on Joy’s hair, she has improved her hair. I must do a new post !

    • Aug 25, 2023

      I agree with Sabrina. Joy’s hair styles are usually very unflattering.
      Since she has such a high forehead, she should have some sort of bangs covering it. Also, the blonde hair does not work at all!! She looks like she’s going to a costume party!! One last thought, she speaks way too fast.

  3. Jul 20, 2021

    Those braids are so last century, and so ugly. They make her looks 15 – 25 years older. I loved her natural hair; she was beautiful in it. She needs to lose all the wigs and be natural.

    • Jul 21, 2021

      I do agree, she needs to lose the wigs, they were not the best styling she could have had. But some wigs can be so good, if cut and styled well, no one can tell they are wigs. It is possible her own hair has suffered with all the wigs and braids so she can’t show it at this time.

      Did you check my 2021 Blog with the very latest braids? They are better …

      • Aug 29, 2023

        Susan. I do agree. Joy’s forehead is high. She needs to cover it. And the shape is wrong. And the color. She needs, as I have said many times before, a new hairstylist. Or perhaps Joy just doesn’t have the. sense of style to care? She is great. But her look is not. Thanks for posting.

    • Aug 12, 2021

      She needs to fire her hair stylist. Those braids are terrible. The short curly was fine initially, but then it became a mess. She needs to hire someone like Michelle Obama’s stylist. Even her makeup is nice sometimes and other times just plain bad. Today, 8/12/2021, her face looks dirty with this terrible makeup. She can do much better.

  4. Sep 19, 2020

    Leave your hair the way it is now: Sept.19, 2020!! Beautiful.

    • Mar 11, 2021

      Douglas, thank you for your Comment. Now Joy Reid is wearing her hair short, I think a wig, not like any of the styles here. And she how has her own Prime Time Show, Reid Out. Reason, perhaps for her latest les flamboyant hair look

      • Jun 16, 2021

        i really like this natural curly style the best ,even if is a wig

        • Jul 17, 2021

          Her wig could have been styled better. She has now gone back to her braids, check my latest post, July 17, 2021

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