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Joy Reid of MSNBC and Her Hair – 2021

Photos Helen Oppenheim, with thanks to MSNBC

Joy Reid’s hair now, in July 2021, is back to braids and interesting, perhaps the most interesting of any tv host in America. We are treated to different provocative styles by this provocative MSNBC host and national correspondent, sometimes nightly. She has mostly got her hair act together now, having been through more than a few Oops hair moments. The wigs she wore when she started her popular prime time “Reid Out” are gone for now, I always thought another hairdresser could have made them more stylish because they seldom if ever worked. To take a look at some past concoctions on an earlier blog, CLICK HERE and tune in to see what she is up to nightly on MSNBC.
Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator graduated from Harvard University, is a two-time author and hosts “Reid Out” on MSNBC 7 pm nightly.


  1. Oct 18, 2021

    Wish she’d spend more time on putting together a good show than this wig-a-day stunt. Thank God for Erin Burnett.

    • Oct 21, 2021

      I don’t think Joy spends that much time on the hair. If she did, her hair would look better than it does all the time. The problem is she has the wrong hairstylist and, sorry to say, she doesn’t care enough or know enough to know what looks good and what does not.

      Having said that, her hair has improved somewhat recently, so maybe she found. another hairstylist.

    • Nov 2, 2021

      Joy is good with the news. She is a good anchor, good reader and expressive actor. She looks good no matter the hair style she chooses.

      • Nov 2, 2021

        Joy is good. Can’t agree she looks good all the time, but I am sure her
        ratings are good, and she deserves them.

  2. Oct 9, 2021

    I like the mixed color curls Joy has had this last week( 10/4 – 10/8/21) The braids were interesting, but didn’t do justice to her beautiful face and wonderful smile.

    • Oct 18, 2021

      I agree. Have some. photos to post but too busy at the moment

  3. Sep 17, 2021

    Lisa Rinna has her lips, which now have their own life. So doth Joy have crazy hair. Reign, Queen with your twists,coils, braids, shaves & things!

    • Sep 18, 2021

      Thanks for your Comments Jaye Marie. Love them.

  4. Sep 14, 2021

    Dear Joy
    I am getting many Comments on my Blog about your hair. I personally love the fact you change it often but must admit, your hair could look better most of the time.

    And from the hair I saw on September 13, I am moved to recommend you three good and talented hairdressers for hair help.

    1. Edris Nicholls. @edrisjustedris
    2. Peter Gray @PeterGrayHair
    3. Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salons @EdwardTricomi.

    Both Edris and Edward are based in New York but Peter, an editorial TV hairdresser, travels the world.

    I can give direct contact information if you are interested. Please know none of them know I have suggested them to you
    From a fan.

    • Oct 1, 2021

      i always watch Joy, she is so intelligent! I like that she went natural BUT today oct 1, 2021 she looks like she has a toupee just propped on top of her head .she deserves to LOOK HER BEST…I would fire her stylist!

      • Oct 6, 2021

        Joy’s hair does vary every day. Sometimes I despair!

  5. Sep 13, 2021

    I like Joy. She’s a vibrant person and a passionate one, but sometimes she is overpowering her guests. I would also urge her to get a more sophisticated, simpler hair style which would flatter her very attractive face, rather than outlandish pastiches of braids and coils which are very unattractive.

    • Sep 14, 2021

      I agree. But Joy is. who she is. And I have a feeling she has fun with. the different hairstyles, which may well be good for her ratings!!

    • Sep 21, 2021

      I agree, call Edward Scissiohands! ??

      • Sep 21, 2021

        Love Edward Scissorhands. I just covered a NYFW show he did
        the hair for. On my website.

      • Oct 8, 2021

        Her hair is so tacky & unprofessional. And, the same for her
        clothes. Why can’t she just wear nice blouse, blazer, and fix her damn hair.
        Disgrace & being on national TV, looking cheap. Needs to move her to a
        4 am time slot so we won’t look at her. She used to bet on BET nightly
        News. She looked very nice then.

        • Oct 18, 2021

          Joy is Joy. Agree she doesn’t look as good as her work all too often,
          but this seems to be who she is. And one has to think her ratings must
          be good and her changes are helping to generate an audience, or surely her producers
          would guide her to change?

  6. Sep 11, 2021

    Ive been all like big WTF with these woven cobra things on her head.

    • Sep 12, 2021

      Cobra things on the head !! One way of putting it. Braids can look great. But not always!

  7. Sep 9, 2021

    I love Joy but her hair styles have got to go. It is to distracting. She is a smart, intelligent woman and her producers should say something to her and fire her hairstylist:

    • Sep 10, 2021

      Joy is smart and intelligent but not sure she is about her hair. She accepts what this hairdresser does. Sigh

  8. Sep 8, 2021

    I like her natural hair best! But it is fun to see what she will come up with ?

    • Sep 10, 2021

      Well, there is that. While many find the different hair looks distracting, there must be many who find them fun.

    • Sep 13, 2021

      Agree joy is smart and intelligent and does not need gimmicks her smile is very attractive. I watch because of her intellect and critical thinking.I find her fake hair is a distraction.

      • Sep 13, 2021

        The consensus here on this blog post seems to be the hair is a distraction but Joy is so smart and. she goes on changing her. hair, with her producers obviously agreeing, that one has to wonder if her hair is a plus for her ratings?

  9. Sep 7, 2021

    I would to see joy stop changing her hair style every night.

    • Sep 8, 2021

      Yes, every night must be a challenge for Joy too And her hairdresser! But I have to wonder if the ratings reflect that more people like the fun of it all than those who do not,

  10. Sep 3, 2021

    I do enjoy her hair styles…..she’s beautiful and her Journalistic ability is most professional and interesting. She obviously works hard to do good shows and look good too. You go Joy!!

    • Sep 3, 2021

      Yes, agree. And yes she does work hard. In every way.

  11. Aug 25, 2021

    Joy is awesome and professional. Love her msnbc hour.

    • Aug 26, 2021

      Yes, And she is still changing her hair all the time. She is one of a kind

    • Sep 3, 2021

      and her hair styles are just beautiful lately!

    • Sep 3, 2021

      Joy is awesome, very good and interesting, but her hair is hit and miss all too often.

  12. Aug 20, 2021

    Remember all the comments about Chris Matthews’ hair? Me neither.

    • Aug 26, 2021

      I can’t remember. But he didn’t change it almost every night !!!

  13. Aug 19, 2021

    Some of her hair creations are actually distractions! She is a professional and not a teenager!

    • Aug 20, 2021

      I agree. But she is fun. Joy. is Joy. And she is doing her thing.

    • Aug 27, 2021

      Agree. Can’t watch her new har every night. I tune to cnn. A few nights ago her hair style was natural at which time she looked her best.

  14. Aug 11, 2021

    Her hair is becoming a nightly distraction and that’s not a good thing!

    • Aug 20, 2021

      Buut Joy is unique. I do agree, she doesn’t have to change it every night. Because. sometimes it is not well done. Then it is a distraction. But she is so good I forgive her!

      • Aug 27, 2021


  15. Aug 2, 2021

    Continue to look like an African Princess, because that’s who you are.

    • Aug 20, 2021

      She is who she is. Fun. And very good.

  16. Jul 27, 2021

    No. I do not enjoy her different hairstyles. Makes her look like a wannabe African princess or queen. She needs to go back to her basic style which is very becoming.

  17. Jul 21, 2021

    Thank you for thank youi. I love the way Joy changes her hair almost every day. She is young at heart. And is always interesting in every way.

    • Aug 20, 2021

      She is young at heart. And, yes, always interesting. Also very good. She is unique. Doungher own thing Good for her.

  18. Jul 20, 2021

    Enjoy Joy’s program every day. Love all hd vicious hair styles. One favorite is tonight’s
    program Thank you. An 80 plus white great grandma Be blessed.

    • Aug 20, 2021

      Joy is one of a kind. In every way. God bless her.

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