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Kasie Hunt MSNBC Hair Then & Now - 2020

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Dear Kasie Hunt: I have always been a fan of yours. Love your energy and everything you do. But but BUT I can hardly bear to look at you now. What the heck have you done to your hair since becoming a Mom? OMG. You used to look so special. Stylish too. And just a year ago.  You stood out. Now, well, um, you look Mumsy, dowdy, old fashioned. And just like every one else. But not as good as some on your network with long hair,   Please forgot the dreary long hair, not, sorry to say, done so well. Your hairdresser should have a big bonk on the head, Don’t listen to people telling you to conform, to look like this.   How about going back to your old hairdresser and look? Not only easier to maintain, surely, but also more flattering.
Kasie Hunt is a MSNBC –TV Political Correspondent covering Capital Hill and Congress, and is host to KasieDC which airs on Sundays 7 – 9 pm.


  1. Apr 9, 2020

    At least it doesn’t cover one eye, à la today’s Jessica Rabbit look. Why are serious women all shrouded in a tent of sexy come-hither hair! Whence the pressure on smart, powerful women to look super-feminine, to have to toss their long flowing tresses out of their eyes every few minutes or spray it all into a stiff mass, and tilt their heads to see, so they look like shy, inquisitive children? Sexy hair, sexy clothes… this makes such women less threatening to men, and attracts their attention. I think it’s part of a backlash against women’s progress as important public people. Just us gals here, lookin’ pretty for you, same as before when we were just keeping house for you, don’t take us too seriously even if we’re saying serious things.

    • Apr 9, 2020

      Well said. I think it is the men in charge at the Networks who want their women to have long hair, thinking, like so many men, that it is sexier. Which, as we all know, is not necessarily so. Think Marilyn Monroe for one.

      I should add a little note that Kasie must have changed her hairdresser because her hair does look better as of April 2020. But but but it is still long and she still looks like everyone else. And I think she looked sexier before!

  2. Apr 6, 2020

    Funny, I have the opposite reaction. I thought her short hair was rather boring. Made her look plain. The long hair is a refreshing change. It frames her face well. And she has great hair, I was glad she started to show it off.

    • Apr 6, 2020

      I thought she looked more distinctive before. Now, she looks like everyone else. We each have our opinions. Thank you for posting.

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