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La Coupe Renunion - 2013

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We had a long long lunch.  Laughter. Tears.  Giggles.  Kisses. Hugs.  We all took lots of photos.  With iPads, iPhones, Cameras.

This was a bridge-mending lunch.  Kim Lepine, La Coupe’s lead hairstylist for decades, and Toni Fornasier, who helped launch the La Coupe products, hadn’t spoken to La Coupe owner, Charles Booth, for over 20 years. after working for him for decades.  And I only started speaking to him again  in our off/on, love/hate relationship when I  launched my website.   I’m so happy I managed to make this reunion happen.

We all had such  fun.  Haven’t had a good tears-with-laughter time like this in a  long time!  We mended bridges. And there’s another  reunion to come  on Charles’s next visit to NY  from the UK, where he now lives again.

Top, left to right: Toni Fornasier, Helen Oppenheim, Kim Lepine, Charles Booth.  Bottom, left to right:  Kim with Charles … Helen with Kim … Charles with Toni … Charles with Helen.

Photos by the lovely waitress at Casimir on the Upper East Side, perfect restaurant for a reunion lunch … by a very kind Casimir customer … by Charles Booth, Toni Fornasier, Helen Oppenheim

Go to HairThen on the website for La Coupe’s innovative and inspirational work from the late 60s to early 90s.



  1. Nov 23, 2013

    A great deal of talent sitting there! Just wish I was there to join in the fun, best wishes to all of you, obviously there were more positives than negatives in the past to bring the group back together, lovely to see!

    • Nov 23, 2013

      Jerome, what a lovely Comment. Maybe we can have you at our next reunion? Your work for La Coupe on my website is so extraordinary. Thanks for Comment.

  2. Nov 22, 2013

    It was like yesterday. Doesn’t seem 20 years!! Yes, the camaraderie was present. Very special.

  3. Nov 22, 2013

    Yes a lot of fun. Even though it is over 20 years since we worked together, the camaraderie was still present…. incredible….

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