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Love Magical Mystery Mac Mascara – 2019

Photos: Mac Cosmetics

I am a long-time Mac fan, so was thrilled when I tried MAC’s Up for Everything Lash Mascara.  I can honestly say I have never had a mascara make my downward somewhat sparse lashes look so good. The magical mascara actually did lift my droopy lashes up, with a curl, make them look thicker, and was waterproof –  tested over and over through a torrent of tears I have shed recently.   I loved loved it so much, I actually went to Bloomingdale’s to buy it yesterday.   “Where did you get this?” they asked. I explained I am an Editor, Press, and a Blogger. They looked it up and said not only did they not know of it but it was not on the Mac Website.   A Google found a some good reviews, including a very good one from Allure.   Since it was inspired, Mac said, by insights from our Mexican consumers, maybe it is only available in Mexico for now, but we hope the amazing Up For Everything Mascara will soon be everywhere so everyone can have lashes curling up.

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