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Love Veils - 1932, 1978, 2000s

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Love veils.  Add them to a hat, add them to hair.  Top left, hair by Peter Gray for Vogue Nippon Beauty, Photo by Francois Nars.  Top right, Marlene Dietrich in the 1932 movie, Shanghai, by Joseph Von Sternberg.  Bottom left, model, Danielle Carbonneau wears a hair hat chignon designed for an Armani show in Toronto, by Jerome Pinsonneault, La Coupe Toronto,1978, photo by Larry Nicholls.   Bottom right: Donatu in Antonio da Costa Rocha’s pillbox hat chignon for La Coupe, 1978, photo: Lorraine Sylvestre.

For more Peter Gray, go to WorldGreats, for more hat chignons go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, both on   For more Marlene, see the movie, it’s wonderful.


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    I LOVE veils, too!!

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