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Marlene Dietrich - l1931

Photo: Robert Richée for Paramount

Marlene Dietrich seen here in the 1931 movie “Dishonored” photographed by Robert Richée for Paramount, costume by Travis Banton from the book, “Hollywood Glamor Portraits” edited by John Kobal (published by Dover Publications, New York,now on Amazon) – a book I used for researching lighting as well as hair.  Always loved this photo.

This hair inspired the Modern Marlene for Vidal Sassoon’s 1980 Soft Cubism Collection.  In retrospect, I realize it is also very similar to some of the hair in La Coupe’s 1974 Détente Collection, see next photo.  The lighting inspired many of the early 70s La Coupe photos on the website.  For more, go to Icons, Movie Icons on

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