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 Memories, Balloons from John Sahag - 1996

Photo: Guy Oppenheim

When I was John Sahag’s “Ambassadress” I had some minor surgery at the end of 1996. Just as I was recovering at home after, John Sahag cheered me up more than I can possibly say by sending me zillions of party balloons, a smiley balloon and white orchids.   How wonderful was that?    This is just one of the Sahag stories I have about his generous side. For more John Sahag memories, click the new album HERE


  1. Oct 7, 2014

    Helen, I just love this, especially as you are hiding behind the smiley face balloon. Sahag always knew how to make everyone feel Special. He actually believed “Everyone is a Star”. From what I hear he was quite the generous man. It shows in your work for him and the Balloons were a sign of his heartfelt Thanks and Get well Soon, We Miss you. How Wonderful to have this Memory !!!!! Jenna

    • Oct 7, 2014

      Yes, this was very generous. And unexpected. I couldn’t believe it when more and more balloons arrived, then the orchid. Yes, he really did believe everyone was a star. Thanks for lovely comment.

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