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Memories. Diana Vreeland Letter – 1983

Letter from Diana Vreeland

Memories. A letter to treasure. Forever. From Diana Vreeland, famous for her years at Harper’s Bazaar, as Editor in Chief at Vogue, the 12 extraordinary exhibitions she consulted on for Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, her wit, her often outrageous quotes and much more.

Diana Vreeland, also a classy lady, sent me this letter in 1983 after I had devoted my whole column, about 8 pages, in Peluquerias Magazine to her 1982 exhibition, La Belle Epoque.  I had researched visuals of the art period from 1890 to 1914 extensively, and asked various hairdressers to send me photos and sketches of updated versions of the hair looks for the era. Peluquerias did us all proud with a great layout design. But I never expected a letter like this from The Great One. What an honor.

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