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Michael Gordon's Boy Look – 1984

Photo: © Helene Joseph

This Boy Look was softened, feminized, with newsy short bangs, chopped up. “There must be softness with short hair,” said Michael Gordon, then owner/founder of Bumble and bumble.  He felt “this chewed up bang action, evocative of Audrey Hepburn, was provocative in an Eighties boy-girl way.” A special formula intensifier was added to the hair to add polish and gloss – just like a black cat’s glossy coat! For more from this collection, which has stood the test of time, click HERE 

Hair: Michael Gordon, Bumble and bumble … Model: Lovey … Photo: © Helene Joseph


  1. Jul 6, 2015

    Dear Helen O.,
    This is one of my favourites in your magnificent collection. Still current.
    Timeless in fact.
    I especially enjoyed the picture of you with Peggy 1993.
    Helen C.

    • Jul 6, 2015

      Yes, this is current and timeless. Thank you, Helen C. xx

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