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Modern Mullets, Hair Fashion Trend – 2020

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There’s a big change happening in the hair world. At last. In spite of the virus. Instead of long nothing hair, mostly ironed or dressed straight, the same on almost everyone’s head, there will be more layers and more shape. The Modern Mullet has arrived, by mistake on the head of Billie Eilish (top left)  There are more extreme versions than I show here, the horrors from yesteryear some will remember too, but these are wearable fashion looks to rock for 2020, and beyond. Some look like updated shags, some cheat a little for the line by just tucking layered hair behind the ears. All are a fresh change, a look now hot and getting hotter. As for Eilish she is already growing hers out!

Photos: Billy Eilish: Getty Images and
Pinterest Pins which so few credit the source properly, even if it is theirs!
Will credit if informed who worked on  these photos.

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