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MSNBC Women & Their Hair – 2018

A Hair Critique








I love all the women of MSNBC-TV, I really do. But I do not love the hair on some of them.  The worst hair offender is one of the best on the Cable TV Network, Stephanie Ruhl. Love her passion and her knowledge, she has great hair and a very attractive face, but she should fire her hairdresser, get one who can cut hair and, whoever styles her hair for her, should be shot at dawn!   if anyone does. Maybe she does it herself, which could account for the awful mess on top of her head most days.  (If you are attempting to do your own own hair, Stephanie, throw out the hot rollers, learn how to use  an iron, then brush or finger-comb the hair through!) You are too good to look like such a drek on too many days.   Andrea Mitchell’s hair seldom looks as good as her work because she is the tops. Hair cowlicks rise too high on the forehead in front and it flicks in the wrong places.  In fact, I only remember it looking great once. So I know it can. She also needs some hair help. Joy Reid is a definite hair offender. She tries to do something different with her short crop and/or wig, but it is too short in the wrong places, I often cringe, so she also needs a good haircutter to work with her face and hair because her hair shapes do not do justice to her face.  (I know who to recommend!)  Rachel Maddow who I watch the most, an addiction, is Rachel Maddow, but when she gets a haircut, it is too short and unflattering. Kasie Hunt’s one length straight bob always looks good, and shiny.(Oops, just saw it.  It’s in dire need of a cut!)   Kristen Welker‘s hair is ordinaire.  Nicole Wallace, who often has a great hair color, Hallie Jackson, and Katy Tur have the look everyone has, of the moment, and look good most days. Kris Jansing always looks well groomed, and looks best with her hair a little shorter, a long’ish lob, Mika Brzezinski can look good with her lighter than light hair color, and short shape always in place. Alex Witt has far too much hair, it overwhelms her face and the TV screen, and it needs a good hair shaping, some strategic pruning. Kate Snow, who I discovered on MSNBC, but is now with NBC, looks modern with her straighter than straight lob length, sometimes sprayed too much, but don’t they all succumb to the spray, some more than others!


  1. Feb 21, 2023

    I wish Nichole Wallace would change that weird brassy color back to blond and cut it shorter it looks pretty lifeless hanging there of course.

    • Feb 22, 2023

      Some days Nicole Wallace’s hair looks better than others. I don’t mind it long, but sometimes it needs a better stylist.

  2. Feb 21, 2023

    I love Joy Reid’s new blonde wig the best I’ve ever seen her. She is so beautiful but some of those wigs have been awful. This one is short like she used to wear (that one was the worst) it’s cool, doesn’t make her too hot under the lights and it’s easy, cute and looks good with her skin tone. Finally after a lot of tries success Joy Reid!

    • Feb 22, 2023

      I have been busy and not watched for a few days. Must check Joy’s hair out. Last I looked it was her own hair, very short, but growing a little longer each day as she was trying to keep it healthy after all those wigs and hair extensions probably caused her hair problems with her own hair.

  3. Feb 21, 2023

    I’ve always wondered if Andrea Mitchell’s hair is a wig it always looks exactly the same.

    • Feb 22, 2023

      I think Andrea Mitchell’s hair is her real hair but it could be a wig. Wigs can be very good these days.

  4. Nov 2, 2021

    Well you are quite opinionated. I think Andrea Mitchell’s hair is great. The right length and the product used leaves her hair light and loose. She moves her head and her hair moves in such a natural way. Most of the others have all gone for long hair which looks wonderful on a young woman maybe 25ish. Here in Palm Beach even the 70 and 80 year old have long hair. Can you imagine coming up from behind a long haired blonde with a nice figure and when she turns around and you realize it’s a friend of your grandmother

    • Nov 2, 2021

      If you check this website, you will see I do know a lot about hair!
      Andrea Mitchell’s hair is ok, but only just ok, could be better sometimes,
      I love the 70s and 80s long hair grandmother scenario.
      But, why not? Just because someone is 70 or 80 doesn’t mean they
      have to look like a grandmother of old. And if they keep their figure,
      so much the better. The trick is to dress for one’s age, not like a
      20 year old all the way. That’s where taste and style come into play!

  5. Apr 12, 2021

    The first thing I thought when I saw their new look that they must think that people don’t take them as seriously when they look ultra good. I miss the old look. They were beautiful. They still are, but the hair seems to have been brought down a notch, for whatever reason.

    • Apr 13, 2021

      LIndsay. I do think the pandemic has not helped with the hair grooming. I think the powers that be probably want long hair, rather than short. The wonderful Stephanie Ruhl still has the worst, most old-fashioned style hair on MSNBC, such a beautiful woman and she just does not get it, Kasie Haunt grew hers, it was dreadful for a while but looks better now, but looked far better when it was an interesting shorter bob, surely easier to maintain, needed now she has a small baby but long hair rules on MSNBC! Joy Reid still needs some hair help, not as much as she used to but sometimes her wigs need a more modern touch.Mika Brzezinski now has a hair color with more dimension. not as pale, Love them all but …

  6. Jan 5, 2021

    Lately it looks like Rachel Maddox is wearing a great looking wig. Am I right?

    • Jan 7, 2021

      Joan. I think Rachel needs a haircut. You may be right, but it does seem to me that her hair is usually cut shorter and therefore looks more groomed than it does now. Thanks for posting.

  7. Feb 2, 2020

    Yes, they all need help. I don’t know what is going on with Joy’s hair, something is definitely off

    • Feb 2, 2020

      Dorothy, thank you for Comment. Some look good. Kris Jansing and Nicole Wallace, e.g. I agree about Joy. Now she is wearing an inappropriate up to there updo on some days, her haircuts and wigs leave much to be desired. As I say in my original Blog, I know just the person to get her hair in the right direction.

      There is an update. Kasie Hunt has gone hair rogue! To see my Blog on the subject –

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