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My Hair Column Published in Ukraine - 2012

Photo; David Zanes

Way back in 2012, Peluquerias published a very lively edition of the magazine in the Ukraine, who were also online with some very exciting hair posts. They published and translated my whole columns. A real trip to see my columns in other languages, which have also  been published in Chinese, Korean, Russian and in Argentina. The magazine and my columns are no longer published in the Ukraine or the other countries (only in Spain, US/Canada, France, Italy, Australia now.)   Take a look at this “Cat in the Hat Blue Boy” with hair up to there, by WorldGreat Ezel. “I turned up for the job,” says Ezel “and I knew the guy’s hair was going to be bright blue. What I didn’t know was that it was going to take me two weeks to get the blue off my hands and out of my brushes, But I think it worth it because the hair is what makes the picture fabulous!” To see more Ezel archived on this website. dating back to the 80s, CLICK HERE 

Hair: Ezel … Model: Dallas Alberti/Red Models …  Photo: © David Zanes, Courtesy: Dapifer Magazine

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