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 Netflix, The Empress, The Hair – 2022

Netflix TV Series … Collage

The Netflix TV series The Empress” has a big fashion buzz , and starts tonight, September 29th.  I posted a blog all on the romantic historical German 6 episode series about Elizabeth, aka Sisi, the Empress of Austria (1837-1898)  –   scroll down one blog.  This blog is about her hair.  Which was ankle length, long and heavy. It is said her routine of brushing, dressing, braiding and pinning would last almost three hours and, according to Daily News Hungary,” it was treated with honey, eggs and cognac.”

Photos Top L-R :Netflix ad … Devrim Lignau as Elizabeth … The Collage with credits just posted, scroll down
Bottom Row : Elizabeth, her long hair, no makeup (Image Quora) … Elizabeth 16 year old bride (Image Wikipedia) … Empress Elizabeth (wiki commons by Kawaart) … Elizabeth at The Sisi Museum in Vienna.


  1. Nov 1, 2023

    I feel that if they’re going to have ANY type of period piece, FTLOG they should make sure to stick to the period it takes place in as closely as possible – especially if it’s based on a real life person. Otherwise, what’s the point? If they place to deviate from it in obviously glaring ways, why not just create a fictional person to base a series on instead? They have to know they’re going to PO period purists and it will affect viewership numbers. Seems like shooting yourself in the foot to no good purpose. But they never learn.

    • Nov 6, 2023

      I agree. Period purists must have been PO with this series but it seems it was the 2nd most watched series world wide for two weeks, which must have been the result of a massive promotional campaign, but it was also the seventh most popular non-English series in 2022, with over 150 million hours streamed on November 2022.

  2. Apr 29, 2023

    The costumers and producers intentionally decided to NOT be an authentic representation of the time, instead using the clothing and hairstyles as visual interpretations of the characters’ journeys.

    • May 1, 2023

      It will be interesting to see if Season 2 has some of the same hairstyles. Thanks for posting.

  3. Nov 2, 2022

    Not only the ghastly hair styles of the ladies in waiting but the fact they all dressed the same like a school uniform. Is this authentic?

    • Nov 20, 2022

      The Empress is so good., Vivien, But something is missing and it seems a lot is not as authentic as I hope Season will be.

  4. Oct 20, 2022

    Elisabeth’s hair is lovely, but what’s with the monstrous hairdo of that countess – I mean the scary woman who, I believe, was the boss of the empress’s ladies-in-waiting. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Also have a problem with Helene’s new short bob, complete with bangs. Did women really ever wear their hair like that in those days?

    • Oct 20, 2022

      I have to agree, Raye. Let’s hope Season 2 will have better more authentic hair. Even Elizabeth’s, while so much better than others, is not as good as her hair was in real life way back then. As for Helene’s new short bob, that has to be so way off it is sad. Someone who hasn’t done their research seems to have been trying too hard make some kind of statement. Whatever that might be.

      • Nov 20, 2022

        I totally agree.

        I have spotted many things that aren’t appropriate for the time period that I think it must be on purpose, to make it appeal to younger viewers. First, the dance scene at the wedding. Looked like Pilobolus or something! The hat with the net looked 40s, the Bob, the updos, the fishnet top…..all wrong

        • Nov 20, 2022

          Yes. I am not sure why the powers that be would do what they did because so much was so good but spoiled, I think, by so much lacking in authenticity. Wanting to appeal to younger viewers may be the reason but not sure about that. Certainly not a good idea.

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