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New Album 4 Frida Kahlo Birthday Today – 2016

Self Portrait Frida Kahlo, 1940

Today, july 6 is the birthday of the Mexican cult artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954.) Her extraordinary surreal paintings and self portraits with incredible hair arrangements, that one famous eyebrow, the faint mustache can be seen in a new album with many new images, just up and archived on my website. You can also read more of her story, who she was, what she did, how she survived and conquered her painful life, her bi-sexual love life. This self portrait (1940) is the black and white version of her original painting in color. I thought the headdress and hair so interesting, I used this image for an article I did in The Montreal Gazette on January 22, 1991 to help promite Frida Kahlo: Portrait of An Artist on PBS-TV. I’ve been a fan for a long time!   To see many more images, to read more, see some photographic interpretations of Frida Kahlo, a video, click HERE

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