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Hair Art Comes To Life for NAHA - 2021

Photos: Richard Monsieurs for PBA/NAHA

“My collection is about fine art coming to life, from the canvas to reality,” said Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty, who created “visual illusions with the hair and the art – textures looking like they could have been painted but, on looking closer, you realize they are the model’s real hair, with movement, bringing the hair to “life” with wind to blow loose pieces as the model transitions from the painting to reality.” The hair, left, was braided close to the head, tightly coiled, twisted, fur-like texturized hair with rippled red waves like the flame on a fire.  Right, the hair rose up to there in loose waves. Each model was 90% complete before she was “attached” to the canvas, final touches were then made. The artist said he stretched himself exploring a new approach for a hair shoot and he did. Brilliant work by all. The result is being nominated as a Finalist for NAHA 2021 in the Styling and Finishng Category, winners to be announced on August 29th in Las Vegas. Tickets on sale in the Spring at

Hair: Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty … Makeup: Deney Adam … Fashion Stylist: Jennifer Daniels … Models: (left) Molly Divane and (right) Ella Renner, both Ford Models … Photos Richard Monsieurs for PBA/NAHA

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