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Patricia Fox @ Latex Lecture – 2020

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

This is Patricia Fox, the NYC City Artist, Fashion Icon, model and much more, at the Baroness Latex Lecture held recently at a popular Fashion Speak Friday at The National Art Club. She is not wearing Latex but said she was “running not walking for my Latex ensemble special order!” Patricia aka @PurelyPatricia, is wearing her own vintage hat, a statement necklace by Lanvin with
vintage eyewear. The Baroness has a boutique on 13th Street on the Lower East Side specializing in Latex. She lectured on the history of latex, showed models wearing latex and has worked with celebs like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Nikki Manaj.  Photos  taken at the event are on Helen Oppenheim’s Facebook Biz Buzz – CLICK HERE  To see a short video on my Instagram page, CLICK HERE
Hair Color: Rachel Bodt … Photo: Helen Oppenheim

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