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Photos: Richard Monsieurs

The North American Hairstyling Awards are the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America and honors the salon industry’s top artists.  Top talents from hairdressers to makeup artists, fashion stylists and photographers across America and Canada go all out for this competition when they can let their creativity have a field day.  I was a judge for the winners from 2015 to 2019 so I know how much goes into the hair and the  images and how thrilled the winners and those nominated are.  These two photos were part of the Ulta Beauty Design Team’s Winning Collection.  No less than 16 names are credited as being part of the Ulta team – all the names are listed and archived in an album on my website, which features 23 images.  To see my NAHA 2022 selection CLICK HERE 

Hair: Ulta Beauty Design Team, Bolingbrook, IL … Makeup: Deney Adam …
Photos: Richard Monsieurs

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