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Peter Gray's Fantasy Hair Art - 2009

Photo: © Takahiro Ogawa

Peter Gray’s Fantasy Hair Art.  “BIg and bold, big in ideas, bold in courage,” this was the hair  Peter Gray and his team designed for the “Hair Renaissance” show in Yokohama, Japan. Sponsored by Honda Salons and Hikari Inc, Peter Gray and his team did this show in Japan for nothing. They wanted to what they wanted to do.  And they did. As can be seen here.  There were some 2,000 people in the audience to see this amazing event.

The outfits were selected from MA and BA students who “truly had an architectural foundation to their design and profoundly fit the concept, at the same time enabling us to showcase emerging designers without commercial constraints on a full fashion catwalk in Japan,”  remembered Gray.   Wow.  Love this look which, tells the story. So chic.  So classy.   For more Peter Gray Hair Art, go to WorldGreats on

Hair: Peter Gray, Masa Honda Team & Peter Gray Team … Makeup: Chiho Omae … Fashion Stylist: Yasuhiro Takehisa … Photo: © Takahiro Ogawa …
All rights reserved © Helen Oppenheim


  1. Dec 2, 2013

    Mary, yes, stunning. I think it must all be woven hair. There are others in the album
    and it was for a hair show. Thanks.

  2. Dec 1, 2013

    Stunning and cool……I wish I could see this up close and for real….

    So intricate…was this all woven hair?

    Love Peter Gray…..and the PG Zoo!

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