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Photos Helen’s Blog Jan 17 – April 8- 2023

Full Credits on Website. Collage by

Collage of photos, hair history, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from January 17 to April 8, 2023.

Top Row L-R : Broken up earring decorates head by Peter Gray @ Badgldey Mischka’s F/W 2023 NYFW Show  (Photo: Helen Oppenheim) … Peter Gray’s hair story  @ Badgley Mischa F/W 2023  (Photos: Helen Oppenheim) … Christian Siriano’s Rose Fantasies @ NYFW F/W 2023 … Kim Shui Sexy Excess, hair by Jaylin Seng, Cutler Salon, Lips by Romero Jennings, Mac Cosmetics, NYFW F/W 2023  (Photos: Fred J. DeVito) … Forehead Braids and florals, hair by Anthony Hernandez, Cutler/Redken, NYFW F/W 2023  (Photos: Fred J. DeVito)

Row 2 : Veils and two oblong buns, by Carly Loura, Cutler/Redken F/W 2023 (Photos: Fred J. Vito) … Oscar Hair 2023 (Photos: Helen Oppenheim)
Row 3 : Big  wide hair by Tadashi Harada for Hiroko Koshina, Rakuten Fashion Week, Tokyo, F/W 2023 (Photos: Zigen) … Big wide hair, Elmer Olsen, La Coupe 1975 (Photo: Serge Beauchemin) withTadashi Harada big hair 2023 (Photo: Zigen) … Avant-garde hair art by Roberto Perozzi, RPH Salon, Tokyo (Photos: Takashi Imai) … 1940s looks  in Transatlantic TV Series on Netflix

Rows 4/5: Pin curl set by Anne Marie Young, Jingles Hair Design, Hamilton, New Zealand (Photo: Fiona Quinn) … Below is a hairpiece made with a cut up fur hat , by Nazir Mahjerall, Vancouver, Canada (Photo: Doris Thompson) …  Some of the 20 pages by Helen Oppenheim published in Sandra Smith-Doghmi’s Red The Luxury Life Magazine ,January 2023 (Photos: Helen Oppenheim, Fred J. DeVito, Jeremy Freeman) … Macramé Hair by Roberto Perozzi, Tokyo Photos: Takashi Imai) … Georgia O’Keefe exhibition @ MoMA 2023 … YSL Heart Coat by Heidi Slimane F/W 2005-6  @ The Met Museum 2019 (Photos: Helen Oppenheim)  To see the latest Helen’s Blogs highlighting work archived on this website, CLICK HERE

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