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Photos Helen's Blog June 1 – Sept 3 2018

Full Credits On Website. Collage by

Collage of photos and ideas on Helen’s Blog from June 1 to September 3, 2018. Hair history is here. Inspiration for hair, fashion and more from yesterday for today and tomorrow. There are photos from New York Fashion Week for Fall 2018 with work by Guido/Josh Woods, Jon Reyman, Jorge Luis, Peter Gray, The Sahag Workshop and NAHA 2018, including the June 2018 Peluquerias Magazine cover with one of Lori Zabel’s Winning looks (top right.) 1976 hair by WorldGreat Harry King,  Rachels by the legendary John Sahag  in 1996,  a 1984 Aghan Puppy look by Michael Gordon, then co-owner of Bumble and bumble. Graham Wren’s 1979 Modern Marlene, Raphael 1971 Femme Fatale, Kim Lepine’s 1977 gamine for La Coupe are here. And 2018 WorldCup hair.   To see the latest blogs highlighting work archived on this website. CLICK HERE

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