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Photos Helen's Blog Mar 4-May 1, 2018

Full Credits On Website. Collage by

Collage of photos to inspire you from March 4th to May 1, 2018.  There are Vivienne Mackinder NAHA/PBA Finalist photos and another blog of interest for NAHA entrants… Bouffants and ’80s big shoulders by Ezel … ’20’s inspired short Deco cuts by Charles Booth, Edward Tricomi, Christopher Brooker, Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon … Bobs and Bobs …New York Fashion Bridal Week Ines Di Santo pearls (more to come) … New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 Linder backstage accessories … Hollywood Icons … Wild Fifth Avenue Easter Parade hats … Wild Hair all over website … the Mia Farrow haircut story reposted … Modern Artist Burberry-inspired Rock ‘n’ Roll hair by Nanci Lee, makeup nails on theme …. John Sahag’s New York skyline-inspired 1997  haircut and color by Dario Arias on Irina … La Coupe’s divine Dancing Hair resposted and more … Full credits on The Website Like No Other. To see who did what and more info to inspo, scroll down all the way to Page 5 of the blog.  For those into Hair History, you can see all 40 blogs if you CLICK HERE

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