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Photos Helen's Blog Nov 8-Jan 22, 2020

Full Credits On Website. Collage by

Collage of photos, info and inspo, on Helen’s Blog from November 8 to January 22, 2020.  Top- Row: Happy New Year 2020 … Badgley Mischka’s Glam NYFW florals … Anna Pacitto’s Intercoiffure inspo … NAHA 2020 inspo from Julie Vriessinga, Chrystofer Benson, Dilek Onur-Tayor.   2nd Row: Golden Globe hair wash-out blog … Kasie Hunt before and after hair disaster … Orange Hair by Revlon Professional at Intercoiffure AC … Sandy Schreier at the Met Museum with Stephen Jones head treatments. 3rd Row: Patricia Fox being Purely Patricia … HoneyNailz stunners … Sherri Jessee hair designs on face … Painted mustache by Michelle Stain, Jorge Luis hair up to there for Global Fashion Collective NYFW … More Sandy Schreier extraordinary fashions at the Met Museum. 4th Row: Patricia Fox as never seen before, hair Peter Gray for Peluquerias December 2019 … Ms J Alexander at Global Fashion Collective with pearls decorating his face, by Michelle Strain, hair Jorge Luis … Taylor Soto with green hair doing makeup on Jorge Luis hair at Global … Blue hair on him by Ezel, as published in Peluquerias Ukraine 2012. To see more details, and who did what, scroll down this blog, a few pages or do a Search in box top right of blog. To see All of Helen’s Blogs highlighting work archived on this website plus more, CLICK HERE

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