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Pillbox Chignon - 1978

Photo: © Lorraine Sylvestre

1978.   This hat chignon, inspired by a pillbox hat, was by Antonio da Costa Rocha, La  Coupe.  It was and is a totally original idea.  The model had very long hair.  A “ratz” (*pad) was covered in satin and placed in a circle on top of the head, The hair was then tucked under –  using no pins.  If the pad shows, fine, it’s mistake-proof because the color of the pad could be coordinated with the fashions or accessories worn – or it could be black. Antonio added a jewel and in another version a veil.  There are how-to’s and variations if you go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Hat Chignons on

Hair : Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, Montreal/New York … Makeup: Nadia, La Coupe, Montreal … Dress: Scott Barry/Lily Simon … Model: Donatu … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre
Art Direction/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim

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