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Rare Vidal Sassoon Mystery Solved – 1979

Photo: Unknown

This rare Vidal Sassoon photo was part of the 1979 Soft Cubism Collection. The hairstyle was inspired by Marlene Dietrich in the 1931 movie “Dishonored” and it was a Modern Marlene version which is a mystery. It was created for a magazine in Los Angeles but the name of the hairdresser, the makeup artist, the model, the photographer and the magazine are unknown. It is the same dress, and accessories as we used in  the collection, so I must have sent them to LA.  The mystery deepens the more I think of it.  If anyone knows who did the hair or any other people involved, please tell. The hair, the model, the photo, everything is lovely.  To see more of the Soft Cubism/Modern Marlene photos, and the original Marlene Dietrich photo, CLICK HERE

UPDATE.  The hairdresser was Graham Wren, International Art Director of Vidal Sassoon, NY at the time.  The model from this 1979 photo just contacted me after seeing this blog archived on my website – in March 2020.  Her name was Samantha Jones.  And here is what she said: “Hello. I have such wonderful memories about my time with you all. Thank you for my 15 minutes of fame. I was so thrilled when I saw that picture. The name I used then was Samantha Jones.
Sincerely   Samantha Severance


  1. Aug 29, 2021

    I work at the rodeo salon then , and all the assistants had to reproduce this look in class ,half permanent and half blow out . “ the marlena” perfect eighties asymmetric cut.

    • Aug 29, 2021

      That’s interesting. When was this? Recently or. ???
      Thanks for posting.

  2. Apr 7, 2020

    Just checking you are posting.

  3. Apr 1, 2020

    That is me
    Graham Wren the hair stylist Vidal Sassoon 5th ave
    I’m sure if I look I could find the photographer

    What fun to find this old photo

    • Apr 6, 2020

      I love the photo too, Samantha. Yes, I would love to know the name of the photographer.
      I didn’t know your name before, and can credit you. What name did you use way back then?
      How shall I credit? Samantha Severence (aka Jones)

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