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Remembering John Sahag, His Magic – 2017

Full Credits on Website. Collage by

It is 12 years since John Sahag left us to do the hair of the angels (January 2, 1952-June15, 2005.) The Lebanese-born Australian-raised Armenian became famous in Paris as the first internationally-recognized freelance hairdresser. He worked his magic on the heads of the supermodels and superstars of his era and made The Dry Cut famous in his John Sahag Workshop on Madison Avenue in NYC from 1985, still active in 2017.  This collage shows just some of his magic which made him so famous – with love. To read more about him, click HERE and to see  more of amazing work, click HERE (and HERE and HERE) – then go to HairThen, John Sahag on this website for more.  Read how-to’s, and lots of info under most photos, some like the décor album, under More on the Menu, a hoot, all informative.

Collage Credits: 1. New York Magazine, 1985. Photo: Lawrence Ivy … 2/3. Workshop Launch, 1985. Photos: Bruno Juminer … 4. Rachel Part 1, 1996. Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre … 5. Rachel Part 11, 1996. Photo: Eva Mueller … 6. Futuristic, Issey Miyake, Fall 1996. Photo: Franco Rossi … 7. Blue. Cynthia Rowley, Fall 1996. Photo: David Webber … 8. Abstract, Issey Miyake, Summer 1996. Photo: Neil Fenkell Harris … 9. Windswept, Issey Miyake, Fall 1997. Photo: Eric Deniset … 10. Rugged’/Smooth, Cynthia Rowley, Fall 1997. Photo: Michael Bonacci … 11. The Cement Garden, Salon décor. Photo: Seijie Kakizaki
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