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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ... Photo Collage:

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Photo Collage:

Day 3 at NY Fashion Week was a problem day.  I lost my notebook with all the names/info/emails of the people I photographed for the Blog.  It might turn up, I had my contact details in it and have contacted all who can help.  I have only two names, so please forgive me everyone else and know I will rectify if a kind heart found it.  Here is what I remember.  Top left, hair swirl on someone who works with Michael Kors, his ring and watch follow … Mara Hoffman jewelry designer, photographed backstage with blue hair, nose ring, a dress and jewelry  like no other … TIGI hairdresser with green hair … Bottom left to right: avant-garde fashion designer with hair gelled up to there … High platform sneakers … Journalism/PR student with jewel-encrusted headband, pearls who wants to intern at Vogue after graduation … At Mara Hoffman backstage, Scott Wimsett, in his cool coat from Morocco … fun hat … two fashionista bloggers … Loose pigtails, pleats, great jacket. To see these images bigger, check Seen on Scene on website shortly.


  1. Feb 10, 2014

    hola! thanks for post the photo you took from me! sorry that you lost your notebook!

    • Feb 10, 2014

      Thanks for thanks. ~H

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