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Seen on Scene Chico Wang @ NYFW Fall – 2018

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage by

Seen on Scene, Chico Wang who, with partner Laurence Li, are the design duo Laurence and Chico. He was relaxing with the team after their wow Presentation at Pier 59 during New York Fashion Week for Fall 2018. I was not invited to their wild collection but, after it, I did capture Chico wearing what could be the next eyewear trend – whopping big sunglasses over eyeglasses. Also photographed some of his team, Cathy Ho, PR, wearing a stunning pearl-studded coat and dress by the designers, the other, his muse, with glitter brows and eyes. Their website is something else – CLICK HERE  and stay tuned for more Fabs on this blog and larger photos with more details archived forever on this website …
Photos: Helen Oppenheim

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