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Seen on  Scene New York Fashion Week 4 - 2015

Photos; © Sherri Jessee. Collage by

Day 4. Seen on Scene,  Fab Fashionistas at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015, photographed in the freezing cold by the multi-talented Sherri Jessee (

Top Left to Right: Famous Aussie D.J.Helena maintains her red hair with Manic Panic and has almost 200,000 Friends on Facebook, almost 25,000 on Twitter (@djHelena) … Hair rising stick straight up to there, photographed on the Plaza at Lincoln Center, name unknown … Faux fur on fashion blogger Leah Ho worn with great shoes, leather wide-leg pants from her Online Store … Eliza Jordan ( multimedia producer, entertainment journalist, social media guru takes to the veil, the hottest trend at NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015, or before …

Bottom Left to Right: … Fashion Stylist, Betty Gulko (such.a.betty on Instagram) wears her vintage dress layered over a denim shirt and see close up of a headband at the back of her head … Ruby Fang, a designer from Hong Kong uses ancient Chinese embroideries and says she will be showing in NYC soon ( … Monkey fur vintage coat, Beltmar vintage floppy hat, very 70s, worn by Holly ( who travels 60,000 miles each year collecting vintage garments, some for the Libertine brand … Marquis Bias, fashion stylist, in a fabulous fur by Adrian Landau, carrying a blue bag by Reed Krakoff (see detail above.) His hair cut by Adrian Fanus Grooming … Beau McCall ( is a creative artist, just making his visual arts debut. He made his own jacket from a collection of button treasures from family and friends. “A button is more than just a button,” he states. The gloves were a gift inside a Japanese magazine.



  1. Feb 21, 2015

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to report from NYFW! It was so much fun interviewing these stylish people.

    • Feb 21, 2015

      It is fun. Thank YOU, dear Sherri. You did great. Putting up bigger photos shortly on the website.

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