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Senuous, Ezel, Piel, Vogue - 1985

Photo: © Denis Piel

Love this side view photo. It is so, um, sensuous . And It is one of the very best sides views ever taken for hair.  So much more alive and gorgeous than a static boring sideview.  The hair in this  great Denis Piel photo, by WorldGreat Ezel,  was for Vogue, in 1985,  and is as modern today as way back then. The model Claire Hogan and makeup by Margaret Avery also helped make this a magic photo, and  that great pearl choker, the earrings, the fashion styling.  Everything works.  For more Ezel, then and now, visit WorldGreats on

Hair: Ezel, Bumble and bumble … Makeup: Margaret Avery … Model: Claire Hogan …  Photo: © Denis Piel

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