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Short Hair Cuts With Style – 2018

Photos: Richard Monsieurs for NAHA/Professional Beauty Association

Two short hair cuts with style for those with style, by Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, NYC, a Finalist in the Hair Cutting Category of the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) for 2018. These photos got two pages in the June issue of Peluquerias Magazine.  The hair on the left is a short cut, finished with panache. But it can also be worn classic casual. The style on the right is for the avant-garde but it is versatile and can be styled less avant-garde!  It is easy to forget in this day of long hair with everyone looking the same, that a short hair cut can give someone personality – it can also be worn this way and that. And it should also be remembered that not everyone can cut short hair as well as they should! The Winners for NAHA will be announced in Las Vegas on July 29. Stay tuned …

Hair: Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, NYC … Photos: Richard Monsieurs

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