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NAHA. Knitted, Quilted Hair – 2016

Photo: © Keith Bryce

“The hair here was inspired by knitting with quilted textures, so on trend in the fashion world right now,” says Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, of this short, tufted look created on long hair to look like short hair, one of his looks nominated in the Texture category for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA.)  “The best thing about this is that you can do the knitted technique in specific areas of the head, or all over the head, like here.” He started by smoothing the hair back, then applied netting over the hair, securing the edges with clips. Using a crochet hook, beginning at the front, he pulled loops through the netting, worked his way back towards the nape, securing the netting with pins. “The technique takes on a unique “undone” texture every time, never looking exactly the same twice,” says the innovative hairstylist, who is the L’Anza Global Creative Director, and was nominated in many categories, for NAHA 2016. Congratulations, Ammon. You should win at least one award. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) event takes place July 24th in Las Vegas. Beauty Professionals, purchase tickets HERE

Hair: Ammon Carver, Ammon Carver Studio, NYC … Products: L’Anza Touchable Hold, Lustrous Finishing Spray … Makeup: Deney Adam … Photo: © Keith Bryce

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