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Story of Raphael "Of Might & Mane" – 60s

Raphael Santarossa London 60s

The hair raising story of Raphael, the one of a kind hairdresser who took London by storm in the 60s and, after his glory days, in Montreal in the 70s, can be found archived on this website and to read a copy of what must be the most amazing article ever written about a hairdresser click the PDF link at  very the end of this blog.   This collage was in the Montreal Launch Press Release for Raphael’s Montreal Salon, for which I did the PR. He had Montreal at his feet, as he had London at his feet before, until …. but that’s another story.  If you want to see more on Raphael go to the About on this website, scroll down, to see his world trend-setting 1971 hair flicks in Montreal, photos from his Raphael & Leonard days in London, CLICK HERE and if you want to go for more nostalgia on 60s and 70s fashion, hair, music, memories and Raphael, go have some fun on the Closed Group Facebook page -60s and 70s London Scene –  CLICK HERE

Download a PDF article worth downloading on Raphael, The One Who Dared.


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