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Stylish Cool Prom Hair On 16 Year Old – 1993

Photos: © Mark Bugzester … Page Designs: Gouin Beecher

In 1993, La Coupe created these stylish styles on a 16 year old. The looks have not dated and could inspire Prom Hair today. Left, Lolllipop curls by Kim Lépine, a new look then. The curls were not brushed or combed, only gently pulled on ends after the set. On the right, the ultimate wrap up on the same 16 year old, by Renée Cohen, who took 1″ sections of hair in strategic places and wrapped the sections here and there across and around the head.  For more prom styles, how-to’s, click HERE 

Hair: Kim Lépine (Lollipops), Renée Cohen (Wrap) La Coupe, 1993 … Makeup: Ciana, La Coupe … Jewelry Kerry Macbride … Model: Tara … Photos: Mark Bugzester … Page Designs: Gouin Beecher … Produced by Helen Oppenheim

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