WHY? Breaking Vidal Sassoon News – 2013

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WHY? Vidal Sassoon News - 2013

Setting the Record (and the Hair) Straight

Reposted because the record is not yet straight. Here is the  true story.
From an article by “Your Invaluable Sleuth of Hair History” in the Style Section of the New York Times, January 24, 2013.

Those in the know have known that Vidal Sassoon was not the first to cut Mia Farrow’s hair to that famous pixie cut, and that she cut it herself, then – not mentioned in the New York Times – then, Christopher Brooker re-cut it – all before the famous $5,000 hair snip that helped make Vidal Sassoon famous.  Read the article, a letter from Mia Farrow herself.  Why didn’t she – or Vidal – speak out before?!


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Mia Farrow Frank Sinatra

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Memories, Vidal Sassoon – 1979+1980

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 Memories, Vidal Sassoon – 1979+1980

Photo: © Lorraine Sylvestre

Memories.   From my Vidal Sassoon days as PR and Creative Director of the Vidal Sassoon Salons in the US and Canada. Left, Mary Lou Green, a New York Salon Art Director with a vivid imagination, in action doing her Laser Haircut in Las Vegas, 1979. This story made People Magazine and would have made more media but we only got permission to do it the last minute when Lloyds of London agreed to insure the $9,000 haircut which Mary Lou did on a live model with Dr. Alex Jacobson, a Laser Beam expert and another laser expert, I think,  from Hughes Aircraft.   This article is probably from Modern Salon, but not 100% sure.

The large photo shows Avram of Vidal Sassoon New York, exhausted after The Queue Photo Shoot in 1980. It had been a long day with clients until late and the shoot went on way into the night and the early morning hours.
Photo: © Lorraine Sylvestre