Marcel Waves Return, Again – 2023

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Marcel Waves Return, Again - 2023

Photos: Serge Beauchemin, Lorraine Sylvestre, Helen Oppenheim

Hair Trend Alert – The New York Times published “Put a Crimp in It” article by Ruth La Ferla in the Style Section, April 18, 2023;  Subheading – “Rihanna, Halle Berry and Zendaya are just a few of the high wattage stars to have revisited the Marcel wave.”

Yes, Waving Beauties with Marcel Waves are returning as salons and people are enjoying the good life again. The fashion forward are fed up with beachy waves and nothing hair.  More groomed and interesting hair has started to appear on fashionable heads walking out of salons now, inspired by past eras like the Twenties and Thirties, again.

Photos here from a ‘70s HairThen album in my Archives which were inspired by past eras and updated then, still modern today, plus some photos I have taken backstage at New York Fashion Weeks when the hair was more groomed.

Top Left to Right : Détente Hair by Kim Lepine/Antonio Da Costa Rocha, La Coupe Montreal, Photos: Serge Beauchemin 1974…. Retro Modern Hair by Kim Lepine, Coupe, New York, Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre, 1992 Bottom Left to Right :  Chic Faux Bob Hair: Paul Labreque, Paul Labrecque Salon,NY, Spring 2008 … Waving Beauty Hair by Marco Vogt for Grubenhelden, Fall 2019 … Romero Jennings, Mac Cosmetics wearing his signature look at the Frederick Anderson Show, Spring 2022.

To see more details and more inspo archived on the website, CLICK HERE and go to HairThen.  To read the full New York article, CLICK HERE 
Collage by helenoppenheim


La Coupe’s Great Gamine – 1977

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La Coupe's Great Gamine - 1977

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Hair History. “This great gamine will survive all weathers,” said Kim Lepine, La Coupe’s International Design Director in 1977. Not only would it survive all weathers, it has survived for all of time, and is not dated at all decades after it was created. “The hair was cut using :”modern seventies’ cutting techniques to achieve the chewed effect of the fifties’ gamines but the difference was that La Coupe’s gamine wisps were precision cut and shaped to stay, cut into the shape by cutting on an angle to suit the face and working with the natural growth patterns of the hair.”  The background is from a 1921 Harper’s Bazaar cover from Charles Spencer book by Erté  For more on this gamine and other styles from this Collection, CLICK HERE

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/New York, 1997 … Makeup: Electra & Corrado … Model: Guylaine… Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre
Concept/Produced/Fashion Styling: Helen Oppenheim


Femme Fatale Hair With Front Flicks – 1971

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Femme Fatale Hair With Front Flicks – 1971

Photos: Klaus Lucka

Raphael, one of the greatest and sexiest hairdressers of all time, very famous in London and Europe in the 60s as the Raphael of Raphael & Leonard, launched a salon in Montreal with Femmes Fatales, featuring front flicks of hair, soft and romantic, very new then and inspirational now. For more on Raphael and more of his Femme Fatales, CLICK HERE

Hair: Ralphael Santarossa … Makeup: Jacques LaFleur … Model: Donna Clarke
Photos: Klaus Lucka.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim.


Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

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 Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

Photos: Serge Beauchemin

Hair History,  In 1974, the Art Deco Collection put La Coupe Salons on the map all over the world. Almost overnight. The most successful collection La Coupe probably ever did included not just the Deco Cuts and Styles but also a colorific “Shine-On” highlighting color idea which made almost every major magazine in New York, including a full page in Harper’s Bazaar. The Deco Cut here, by Charles Booth, featured cut- in waves with many angles, very accentuated, all fitting in, with the front the same length on one side, 1/4″ on the other and a very square back. For 23 photos with more versions and more Deco styles CLICK HERE

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe Montreal/NY … Makeup : Electa, Electa & Corrado … Long Black Leather Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Dress: Anne Klein … Deco T: Tania Vartan for Ruby-T … Model: Danielle … Mirror Graphic: Eric Neil Weiss … Photos: Serge Beauchemin.


’70s Hair Flicks Flicking by Raphael – 1971

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'70s Hair Flicks Flicking by Raphael – 1971

Photo: Klaus Lucka

Know your hair history.  From the 1971 Femme Fatale Collection these flicks flicked softly and romantically, curled at the front of a bob. Hair by Raphael Santarossa, former partner of Raphael & Leonard in London, who married a Canadian and moved to Montreal, where this look was photographed. “A woman should be a woman, and I want to make her more woman, I love women and know to make them more so,” Raphael, perhaps the sexiest hairdresser ever, said at the time. Versions of these famous flicks made it internationally, it was such a flattering look, so new-looking then, easy to do, with the front left longer at the crown. And anyone could wear this look today – it has stood the test of time. To see more, CLICK HERE

Hair: Raphael Santarossa, 1971 … Makeup: Jacques LaFleur … Model: Donna Clarke
Photo: Klaus Lucka


Cadette Chignon – 1978

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Cadette Chignon - 1978

Photo: Larry Nichols


The Cadette Chignon was designed for an Armani fashion show in Toronto, by La Coupe, in 1978. It was worn with hair half up, half down, or all up. Jerome Pinsonneault, George Karkoulas and La Coupe’s staff made khaki-colored, satin-covered forms and the hair was tucked under, with an Armani medal added at the front. For more, HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Hat Chignons on www.helen

Hair: Jerome Pinsonneault, La Coupe, Toronto … Makeup: Stace Long … Blouse: Holt Renfrew …Model: Danielle Carbonneau … Photo: Larry Nichols …Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Unruly Naturally Curly Hair With Wisps – 1977

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Unruly Naturally Curly Hair With Wisps - 1977

Photo: © Lorraine Sylvestre

1977.  This La Coupe photo made US Vogue. They probably loved the earrings as much as the unruly naturally curly hair of this star performer.  There was a new-looking volume at the back and charming little wisps flirting on the forehead.   The earrings were by Niky, an award-winning Jewelry Designer, who created the super modern spray to fit over the ear with assorted-sized diamonds on 18 carat gold. For more on this collection and more details on the hair, click HERE

Hair: Elmer Olsen, La Coupe, Montreal, 1977 … Makeup: Electa & Corrado … Model: Lillian De Freeze … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre


Zig Zag “Ziggle”and “Zisp” – 1977

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Zig Zag "Ziggle" and "Zisp" - 1977

Photo: © Larry Nichols

My first new blog on after the re-design.   Here’s  Zig Zag.  All about Zig Zag parts.   One of the most successful collections ever for La Coupe. Created in 1977. I invented a whole new alphabet which included “ziggles” and “zisps” as well as zigs and zags. Take a look at all the hair styles, lengths and textures to which you can add a zig-zag parting and find out what the fun is all about!   Click HERE:

Hair: Jerome Pinsonneault … Makeup: Tuvia … Model: Pat Ryan … Photo: Larry Nichols …
Concept/Art Direction/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim