Isabella Blow and Eccentric Hats – 2000s

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Isabella Blow and Eccentric Hats – 2000s

Photo Credits at the end of blog

Isabella Blow and her eccentric hats. By Philip Treacy.  Isabella “Issie” Blow was the Lady Gaga of her day. She was the muse of Fashion Designer Icon Alexander McQueen. And of the Hat Designer Icon Phillip Treacy, whose mind-blowing amazing hats she wears here. She was Style Editor for Vogue, The London Sunday Times, Fashion Director of Tatler and was no beauty, but she was totally divine. A suicide in 2008, she will come alive again in a movie about her and McQueen, now being developed by Maven Pictures, according to Variety.  See  Isabella Blow with Alexander McQueen blog below.
Photo: Credits: Top Right to Left: The Independent … Blow with Treacy for Vanity Fair, 2003 … … for the cover of her book “A Life in Fashion” …
Center Right to Left : Fashion Spot … Daily Mail … Daily Mail 2002 …
Bottom Row: New York Magazine … Red List/Phil Poynter … Neil Moodie … National Post


Alexander McQueen Isabella Blow Movie – 2017

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Alexander McQueen Isabella Blow Movie - 2017

Photo: Vanity Fair

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow will come alive again in a fashion drama movie “The Ripper” according to Variety. “Maven Pictures is developing the story of the tumultuous relationship” between McQueen, the British fashion designer of the year 4 times and his muse, Isabella Blow, who was style editor for Vogue and the London Sunday Times, fashion director of Tatler.  Blow was famous for her hats, by Philip Treacy, her eccentric style and having bought McQueen’s whole first “Flash and Blood” graduate fashion collection at St. Martin’s School of Art and Design.  McQueen was a fashion icon like no other, for his runway dramas, extravaganza mind-blowing collections, impeccable tailoring. Fans included Prince Charles, David Bowie, Lady Gaga.  Blow was an aristocrat, Alexander McQueen from a working class background and both were suicides; Blow died in 2008 at age 48, McQueen in 2010 at 40. To see some of his amazing designs and genius at the Met Museum’s “Savage Beauty” exhibition in 2011, click HERE

Photo: Vanity Fair


Sharon Blain Album Coming Soon – 2016

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Sharon Blain Album Coming Soon – 2016

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

New album coming soon.  Avant-garde hair by the Australian whirlwind, Sharon Blain, one of the world’s top educators and hairdressers.  Innovation is at the  heart her skills and mindset.  The Sharon Blain Boot Camp courses enthrall as she gives them all over the world to those in the know. (She is coming to New York for a 3-day Workshop March 8 to 10, 2o17.)  Here is a hair mask inspired by an Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, part of the Twisted Aura Collection from her knock-out show for Intercoiffure’s Fall Atelier for 2016, held recently at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.   Stay tuned for the new album.  Meanwhile to see more inspiration from the show click HERE

Hair: Sharon Blain at ICA. sponsored by Goldwell … Makeup: Cheryl Eposito/Becca … Lips: Pat McGrath Gllitter … Fashion Stylist: Rod Novoa … Photo: Helen Oppenheim



Lace “Hair” Comes To The Head – 2016

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Lace "Hair" Comes To The Head - 2016

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

A lovely lace look comes to the head, by Sharon Blain for the Intercoiffure Fall Atelier as part of her Twisted Aura Collection which wowed them at the Waldorf Astoria last weekend.  The collection presented on stage was inspired by Alexander McQueen after a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  “I was desperate to re-create the looks for hair,” Sharon Blain informed the audience at her knock-out show.   Lace is everywhere right now, so why not lace on the head. To construct this look, the model had a cap placed over her head covering her own hair, the swirls and hair for the laced look were added just like a beautiful hairstyle which included, later, some unusual hair texture being added at the back.  To see more of all this brilliance, click HERE

Hair: Sharon Blain (with Julie Hagney) – ICA/Goldwell … Products: Goldwell  … Makeup: Cheryl Eposito/Becca … Fashion Stylist : Rod Novoa … Photo: Helen oppenheim


Sharon Blain Hair Magic @ Intercoiffure – 2016

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Sharon Blain Hair Magic @ Intercoiffure - 2016

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

New album, just up. Sharon Blain and her avant-garde hair got a standing ovation at the Intercoiffure America/Canada Fall 2016 Atelier which took place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.  The Twisted Aura looks were inspired by and an ode to Alexander McQueen, long an inspiration of the Australian whirlwind who is behind the Boot Camp and Art Education seminars wowing them all over the world.  Literally.   The hair masterpieces, sponsored by Goldwell USA, included a combination of textures, many like no others, braids, lace caps, face masks and more. Get inspired. To see and read the magic, click HERE  

Hair: Sharon Blain – ICA/Goldwell … Products: Goldwell Stylesign Hot Form, Diamond Gloss   … Makeup: Cheryl Eposito/Becca … Fashion Stylist : Rod Novoa … Model:Robyn Williamson … Photos: Helen oppenheim


Princess Charlotte Chic Christening – 2015

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Princess Charlotte Chic  Christening - 2015

Collage by

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge with her very chic Mother, The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Prince George, a Millson 50 year old vintage pram, on Christening Day at the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Sandringham – where Princess Diana was baptized. Coat and dress by Alexander McQueen, delicious hat by Jane Taylor,  gorgeous stunning chic chignon was  by … ?

Photos:  Top Left to Right: … …
Bottom Left to Right: AP/ …


Waving Beauty Aimee Mullins, Hair by Ezel – 2011

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Waving Beauty - Aimee Mullins - 2011

Photos: Curtis Eberhardt …McQueen: Helen Oppenheim

This waving beauty, Aimee Mullins, with hair by Ezel, holds three world records at the Paralympics, not letting the loss of both legs at age one stop her sprinting and long jumping.

The American athlete and actress was named by People Magazine one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in 1997,  and is a one-time Alexander McQueen model – he made  special legs for her runway
appearance in his Spring 1999 show – photo here taken at  his Metropolitan Museum of Art show, 2011 (bottom row.)

Ezel added clip-on extensions for this glam Marcel-waved look.  More details, full credits, WorldGreats, Ezel, on

Hair: Ezel, Chirospa Salon, Northport, NY … Makeup: Samantha Trinh … Fashion Styling: Marie Wilson … Photos: Curtis Eberhardt