Happy July 4 With Vogue – 1926

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Happy July 4 With Vogue - 1926

Vogue Eduardo Garcia Benito

Happy July 4. 2022 to all my Blog Followers with this Eduardo Garcia Benito Art Deco Vogue cover from 1926.



Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

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 Art Deco Hair Inspiration – 1974

Photos: Serge Beauchemin

Hair History,  In 1974, the Art Deco Collection put La Coupe Salons on the map all over the world. Almost overnight. The most successful collection La Coupe probably ever did included not just the Deco Cuts and Styles but also a colorific “Shine-On” highlighting color idea which made almost every major magazine in New York, including a full page in Harper’s Bazaar. The Deco Cut here, by Charles Booth, featured cut- in waves with many angles, very accentuated, all fitting in, with the front the same length on one side, 1/4″ on the other and a very square back. For 23 photos with more versions and more Deco styles CLICK HERE

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe Montreal/NY … Makeup : Electa, Electa & Corrado … Long Black Leather Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Dress: Anne Klein … Deco T: Tania Vartan for Ruby-T … Model: Danielle … Mirror Graphic: Eric Neil Weiss … Photos: Serge Beauchemin.


Stylish Art Deco Wedding – ’30s

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Stylish Art Deco Wedding - '30s

Photo: Boris

June 3rd. My parents wedding anniversary. They are long gone, and sadly missed, now more than ever. I always remember the date and how they told me “Always” was played on their wedding day. And it was. Always that is. Love this wedding photo taken in London.  Everything is so stylish.  Love my Mother’s dress, silver lamé (which she made herself), my Father looking so debonair, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the art deco background. For more of my parents wedding photos click HERE  
Photo: Boris


Ancient Egyptian Art Downton Bandeau – 2016

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Egyptian Art- Downton Bandeau - 2016

Photo: PBS-TV Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey – 2016

No one does costume like BBC-TV.   No one. Anywhere. And what they do can often look very modern, very relevant today. The fashions. The hair. The hair accessories. Well, just about everything. Take Michelle Dockery wearing this ancient Egyptian art-inspired wide bandeau in the Final Series of “Downton Abbey” on PBS-TV. It just makes her and her bob look that more marvelous. The look is so striking in so many scenes of the hit series that the bandeau is hot news. Easy to copy.  Just find some similar fabric and tie it on.  The final episodes take place between 1925 and 1927 and King Tutankhamen’s tomb, discovered in 1922, influenced everything in the ’20s, from hair to fashion, furniture, jewelry and more, so there could also be a return to deco designs on everything.  For two more Downton Bandeaux, some more bandeau ideas archived from my website, and a preview of the series, scroll down …

Photo: PBD Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey


Flirty Kiss Curl, Art Deco Collection – 1974

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Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre ... Collage: Kenchine Kurokawa

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre … Collage: Kenchine Kurokawa

This iconic photo from La Coupe’s famous Art Deco Collection of 1974 featured an Eton Crop, inspired by the ’20s version, and a flirty kiss curl. Note to hairstylists, sometimes just a little kiss curl can make all the difference to a simple front view.  For real life, a kiss curl can be very subtle but for a photo, fashion runway or the red carpet, it needs to be more like the one in this photo, to show.  This look had  a high, off-centre part, and a soft feather-y kiss curl, enough but not too much and it was not stuck down with sugar as they used to do.  The kiss curl can, of course, work with short or long pulled-back hair. For more Art Deco photos, click here:

Hair: Kim Lepine, Montreal … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Deco Dress: Anne Klein … Long Black Kid Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Model: Bijette … Deco Mirror: Erik Neil Weiss for La Coupe … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre.  Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim



Shine-On Lights – 1974

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Shine-On Lights

Collage: helenoppenheim.com

More art deco.  With shine-on lights, color just where the light would shine on straight hair.  This idea got more press in all the major magazines at the time than any of the many inspirational stories in La Coupe’s 1974 Art Deco campaign. For more, much more, and how-to’s for color and cuts, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Art Deco on this website.

Top, and color detail center from NY Sunday News Magazine 2 page spread … left  gold shine-on,  and center bottom,  burgundy shine-on,  photos by Serge Beauchemin.   Photo right, blue shine-on, photo by Lorraine Sylvestre, illustration by Tom Huffman, all  hair by Charles Booth, La Coupe.  Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim




Art Deco – 1974 Part 11

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Art Deco 1974 - Part 11

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

From the Art Deco Collection by Kim Lepine for La Coupe, 1974.  These photos include blue Shine-On a 20s bob in the 70s.  And there’s more photos, sketches, more of more from this very famous collection that put La Coupe on the world map.   HairThen  La Coupe  Art Deco
Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre … Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Art Deco – 1974 Part 1

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Art Deco 1974

Photos: Serge Beauchemin

Just a few photos from La Coupe’s  Art Deco Collection, which made them famous, in 1974.  20s hair in the 70s, with deco cuts, deco cat’s eyes, a strong theme with a zillion hair ideas.  For more photos, full credits and great inspiration go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Art Deco.
Hair: Charles Booth, Peter Green, La Coupe, NY …Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Models: Danielle (short) Carina … Photos: Serge Beauchemin …Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim