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Drawings by Mucha

The Belle Epoque, the Art Nouveau era will trend with the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at MoMA Museum in NYC, opening July 26. Be inspired … And scroll down to the second page, where there’s more, including the key Lautrec background to know.

Art Nouveau drawings and design in the landmark Style Book published in1905,  Mucha’s Figures Decoratives are by one of the most-famous decorative artists in Paris at the turn of the century, Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939.)  He loved long hair, was obsessed with curves coiling around idealized women which, with his Sarah Bernhardt posters, made him famous then, and to this day.   For the book on Amazon, click (but know the front cover color is warmer on my copy!)


Art Nouveau Hair Ideas from – 1897-1901

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Art Nouveau Hair and Fashion Ideas - 1897-19-1

Illustrations: Privat Livemont

There are so many books and so much online to inspire from the Belle Epoque/Art Nouveau periods.  I give some of the inspiration I have used over the years, from one of the books on the period in my personal research library.  I have always thought hair as well as fashions today can be inspired by hair and  fashions from the past.

The Art Nouveau illustrations here are from the book –  La Belle Epoque:  Masterworks by Combaz, Leo Jo, Livemont, and all  illustrations shown are by Privat Livemont of Belgium.  The hair, hair accessories, fashions, and the corset are interesting! For link to book on Amazon, click here

Top left to right: Woman Sculpting, 1901 … Hair detail from Corsets PD, undated … The Corsets PD full length, undated.  Bottom left to right: Biscuits de Beukelaer, 1900 … Corsets ad Bruxelles (Manufacture Royale, not in the book) … La Vague, 1897, something special technically and very beautiful