Now. Pastel Hair Colors Waving Beauty – 2017

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Now. Pastel Hair Colors Waving Beauty – 2017

Photo: Shelley Gregory

Scroll down on this blog, see some of the best hair photos archived on this website from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and how most have stood the test of time and not dated. And now?  What could be more now than these mouth watering pretty pastel hair colors and wonderful waves by Shelley Gregory, Atelier Square Salon.   The “Moon Child” highlights are so subtle, so beautiful, so technically terrific and created with a lot of taste by one very talented hair colorist who also is a superb stylist.   I see hair colors all over the internet, but none with consistent class as by this one of a kind colorist. For more, scroll down on her Instagram, CLICK HERE 

Hair/Photo: Shelley Gregory, Atelier by Square Salon, Las Vegas