Avant-Garde Fun Backstage @ NYFW – Fall 2017

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 Avant-Garde Fun Backstage @ NYFW – Fall 2017

Photos: Paul  Morejón

Seen on Scene, two Fab Fashionistas, avant-gardes and their hair, captured backstage at the Concept Korea New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2017. Left, Paty Crabtree for Aveda, of Garbos Salon & Spa, Omaha, Nebraska, has a lot going on with her hair. Faux dreads, braided, colored, with Pravana, the Aveda “A” logo tattooed to one side of her head.  Fun stuff. Right, Blake Diamond, Designer and Rapper wearing his own designs from top to toe. Love the fur earring and all the jewelry.  More fun stuff. Stay tuned for Concept Korea hair by Aveda’s Jon Reyman and fashions from Korea.

Photos: Paul  Morejón