Helen The Birthday Girl In Vintage – 2022

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Helen The Birthday Girl In Vintage - 2022

Photos: Fred J. DeVito

I was given a surprise lunch for my birthday arranged by my friends Ann Lawlor and Fred J. DeVito, at Avra Madison Avenue. Some close friends came to help me celebrate.     I had shopped my closet for lunch. .  Here I am arriving in my vintage Max Mara long coat (yes wearing a mask still, which I might do forever in cold weather!).  To the right with my dessert (Chocolate Yoghurt Cheesecake with raspberry rosewater sauce, chocolate bark) I am wearing my Elsa Peretti vintage mesh scarf necklace, back to front, and Peretti’s Alphabet letter ‘o” pin brooch, both from Tiffany’s way back when, with a Tahari vintage velvet cardigan.   If you want to see more, me endlessly blowing out the candle for friends with cameras, and more of the fun lunch, CLICK HERE to my Instagram (@HelenOppenheim) and to scroll down my Facebook Bizz Buzz CLICK HERE

Photos: Fred J. DeVito
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