“Zuperman” With “Zlicked” Down Hair – 1977

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"Zuperman" With "Zlicked" Down Hair - 1977

Photo: © Larry Nichols

Superman movies come and go, and they are endlessly popular.  The latest is “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” just  released in March, 2016.   Which takes me back to La Coupe’s “Zuperman” with a “Z” by Stace Long.  He had “zlicked” down hair. And a zig-zag part.  This inspired me to make up a whole new alphabet making the “s” into a “z” – first with hair styles featuring zig-parts for her, then for him.   “With this hair, any “Zuperman” could handle anything and everyone “zuperbly” even Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman,” I wrote in the press release, with my usual tongue in cheek.  They would star in the “Superman” movie to be released in 1978, the year following my little collection, released just before the movie for maximum publicity. (Our “Zuperman” wore a belt of another kind that I had managed to get from Columbia Pictures for the release later that year of ” Close Encounters of Another Kind.”)  For another “Zuperman”and Clark Kent photos, click HERE

Hair: Stace Long, La Coupe Toronto, 1977 … Fashions: George Karkoulas … Model: Bruce Spencer, Nexus Models, Toronto …   Photo: Larry Nichols … Fashion Styling/Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim